Why does my Dog Nibble my Nose: Is he Alright?

Why does my Dog Nibble my Nose

Most of the time, dogs nibble on their owner’s nose to show their affection. As they do not have any other kind of communication process with us, they use other gestures such as nibbling, licking and goofing around with us.  Why do Dogs Nibble?  Dogs nibble their playmates and owners as an affectionate indication towards … Read more

What does it mean when a Dog has one ear Up and one Down? Is it a matter of concern?

What does it mean when a Dog has one ear Up and one Down

Dogs are unique creatures in the world. Dogs have several distinctive traits that categorize in a separate line such as faithfulness, smelling power, recognizing ability, and last, but not the least is, a supreme hearing range. Predominantly, human’s ears are generally don’t move independently and wiggle, human ears are unable to produce the liberal motion.  … Read more

Why doesn’t my Dog Bark? Is he Sick?

Is Furosemide dangerous for dogs

Have you ever noticed that your dog doesn’t bark as compared to your neighbor’s pet? For some dog’s boss, having a dog that doesn’t bark can be a dream may come true. But, for many other reasons, it may be a cause of concern. Different reasons why dogs bark? With the aim of keeping away … Read more