Why doesn’t my Dog Bark? Is he Sick?

Have you ever noticed that your dog doesn’t bark as compared to your neighbor’s pet? For some dog’s boss, having a dog that doesn’t bark can be a dream may come true. But, for many other reasons, it may be a cause of concern.

Different reasons why dogs bark?

With the aim of keeping away the intruders, or by setting an alert for near threat to come is one of the common causes of dogs to bark. There may be other reasons to bark as well likewise he may feel bored or frustrated and wants to draw your attention towards itself. But in many cases, dogs bark to express their emotions such as fear, anger or excitement. Unlike humans, dogs can only express their feelings via barking. there can be ample reasons to the question, why dogs bark. But here are the most common possibilities that might be useful to you in finding answers to this particular query.

  • Breed’s Naturalism:

If you are having a dog of the breed like basenji, then you need not worry as these kinds of dogs possess quiet temperament and are not engaged in a lot of barking. This doesn’t conclude that they don’t even bark. They use other ways such as howling or whining to express themselves instead of barking. In other words, they don’t bark much.

  • Individual Personality:

Different breed dogs acquire a variety of personality temperaments based on the environment provided by their masters or parents. Some keep on barking even nothing happens and some don’t bother to bark. It may occur due to genetic conditions provided to them by their parents. Dog’s naturalism and living conditions provided by their masters plays a crucial role in it.

  • Heath disorders:

Have you noticed that your pet dog has suddenly stopped barking or appears to try to bark without screaming his voice in loud mode? There can be many reasons or causes of it to happen. There might be a cause that excessive barking has restrained his voice or he has developed a throat-related disorder. One of the reasons for this unexpected event is the recent surgery that night has taken place or simply he might not feel well and is not in a mood to talk to you via barking. In all of these conditions whichever matches your pet dog, one should immediately contact his/her veterinarian for discussion and to cure them.

  • Training:

Many dog owners prefer to keep their dogs to remain silent. For this, they either arrange for the special training or uses surgical procedure to keep them silent. Some dog parents even trim the vocal cords of the dog in order to reduce its volume. That doesn’t conclude that debarked dogs become incapable of barking, they do bark but in slower volume. This method is not recommended by experts as it may lead to even loss of voice of your pretty pet or may develop another kind of chronic throat related diseases but instead, they prefer to go by training or teaching your pet to remain silent.

  • Relationship with your dog:

Your relation with the dog matters a lot. It will be solely responsible for him to obey your orders. There may be other reasons as well like you may use abuse when he barks which makes him fearful of barking. In such cases, love and affection, might get him over his fear and will support him to go back to his natural barking phenomenon.

  • Violence on dogs:

This is the common cause that pet dogs face. Sometimes, their barking may cause irritation to their masters or to their neighbors. Instead of choosing the alternative, they either prefer to lock their dog in a separate room or instead use a stick to beat them whenever he barks. This not only disturbs the relationship with your pet but makes him more aggressive towards everyone. In some breeds like German Shepherd, Bulldog may harm the master as well.

  • The busy schedule of masters:

In today’s life, where no one had time for their pets to play can be one of the reasons for either excessive barking or not barking at all. In a recent survey, around 67% of people who have pets are unable to meet their daily requirements like food, adequately spaced kennel, etc. This began to rise the frustration of your dog and may behave adversely in normal day to day living conditions. He might either not accept your food or might scream aloud in a furious voice asking his master for help or to spend his quality time with him. Some breeds like Pomeranian adjust themselves in small houses but some like German Shepherd requires a lot more other than the big houses. They need a good amount of exercise and a person to take care of them.

So, do check today the reason why your dog is not barking?



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