New reasons Why won’t my Dog Sleep with me anymore?

Why won't my Dog Sleep with me anymore

When you come home tired, the first thing you want to do is to crash on your bed and relax. It gets nostalgic thinking of how our moms used to cuddle us to sleep when we came back from school. The same love is reciprocated by our little pups and fellows. Dog owners love the feeling when their dogs sleep with them but there are some times when your dog avoids sleeping with you. It becomes very stressful for the owner to guess why this sudden change in behavior has happened as it could be a clear sign of an ailment or just some discomfort in the surroundings.

But before jumping on to any conclusions, we need to first understand why these changes could be happening

Reasons for this change in Behavior:

  • Age of your dog –

dog owners become habitual of their dog sleeping with them since their dog was a pup. But when it starts getting old, dogs usually start to maintain a little bit of distance. This should not be confused with the fact that they still need the same amount of love as before but dogs start looking for some secluded places to sleep when they are older.

This could be because of many reasons:

  1. Your bed might be too comfortable for your dog to sleep. Dogs start getting weaker joints and body pain when they grow old. Thus, a bed full of springs would be very uncomfortable for them to sleep on. This is usually the reason why your dog has stopped to sleep with you on the bed.
  2. Older dogs also have a problem in sleeping for 7 hours straight like a normal human does. Thus, they like to sleep for around 3 hours, then roam around for a while and then sleep again. This could be because older dogs usually sleep during the day and are not tired at night. Thus, a walk to short distances and some amount of exercise is advised in the evening.

How do I get my Dog to Sleep with me Again

  • Room Temperature –

we usually have a tendency to put on our AC on the chill button while we sleep so that our night could be peaceful and sound. But the same could not be for your dog as it would find the room too chilling in summers and suffocating during winters. Dogs also find it very suffocating when they sleep near a hot air blower as their nose is designed to breathe normally in ambient temperatures. Along with this, your bed might get too warm when you sleep with your dog in a comforter. Thus, dogs prefer to sleep on the floor in summers as the tiles are considerably cooler.

  • Sleeping on a lower level –

Dogs usually prefer to sleep on a lower level than we sleep. Thus, they would lie down on the floor next to the bed. Also. It could be that your dog likes to stretch more while it sleeps and is not able to do that because of a pile of blankets over it.

  • Physical Ailments –

your dog might be suffering from joint pain or rickety bones; thus, it might be that you hugging your dog while sleeping could be causing them pain. Sometimes, your dog bumping into some furniture causes fluid to fill in their stomach. Thus, your dog would want to sleep on the floor rather than a comfy bed in this situation.

  • Their own Personal Home –

Dogs also find it much more comfortable to sleep in their own kennel as they would find it their own space. Along with this, dogs try to sleep alone so that they are not woken up by your tossing and turning in bed.

Thus, these are the possible causes as to why your dog might be avoiding to sleep with you. The comfort of your dog is your main concern. So, if you want your dog to sleep in a much more comfortable environment, why not design a small bed for it according to its comfort level.

So, here is an idea on how you can easily make your dog its own bed.

After all these reasons, there is another major cause that is seen to be coming up these days. It is called DOG DEPRESSION. People usually are quite ignorant to the fact that their dog might be suffering from depression and thus pay no heed to their dog’s condition.

Dog depression is quite similar to that of humans. They start to avoid their owners and are usually sitting alone with their head dropped.

Thus, if your dog has stopped sleeping with you or staying around you, there is a chance it could be suffering from depression. Dogs that are left alone in the day just with their food and water bowl full with the house locked are usually the ones which fall prey to depression before any other dog.

Licking their paws and whining more than usual are also the observed symptoms of dog depression. Thus, it is very important you spend time with your dog and give it the necessary attention. But, if you feel that your dog has started to suffer from depression, don’t turn a blind eye to it and consult a vet as soon as possible.

How do I get my Dog to Sleep with me Again?

This is a constant doubt in owners who love their dogs too much. People who treat dogs like their own kids usually suffer from this separation anxiety when their dog stops to sleep with them.

So, here are a few ways that can get your dog to sleep with you again.

  • Place a dog mattress on your bed

Place a dog mattress on your bed observing the pattern how your dog sleep. Dogs sleep in varying positions and thus their mattress should be designed in the same way. If your dog likes to stretch while it sleeps, a longer mattress is advised. If your dog curls up while it sleeps, look for an oval shaped bed.

For older dogs, look for softer and spring free beds so that they do not have a problem in getting up and roaming around.

  • Observe the pattern of your dog’s sleep –

If your dog sleeps much during the day, take it out for a brisk walk in the evening. Do not pile up your bed with a lot of blankets. Make it possible for your dog to move out of the bed when it wishes to. Along with this, avoid too much cuddling with your dog. just like humans, dogs appreciate a bit of their personal space and thus would find it much more comfortable if their owners do not just consider them as soft pillows to be hugged.

  • By your Dog’s Favourite toys –

Place their favorite toys on the bed so that they find your bed an inviting atmosphere to sleep on. Also place a food and water bowl in your room so that your dog does not find any inconvenience at night. Allow them to freely walk in the house at night so that they can accordingly adjust their own sleeping pattern.

  • Different dogs take variable time –

For dogs that are usually skittish than the others, it may take them some to adapt to your bed. This could be encouraged by giving the more rewards when they behave the way you want them to behave. Till then, they could be quite nervous to sleep with you

  • Ambient Room Temperature –

Adjust your room temperature to ambient conditions so that it neither too hot nor cold for both your dog and you. Dogs as discussed above do not like to sleep in an environment that is not according to normal weather conditions. Thus, take note of the sleeping conditions.

  • Sleep on a lower level –

If you feel that your dog is afraid of sleeping on a higher level, it is better that you let them sleep on a lower level next to your bed or just shift yourself to a lower bed. This is because some dogs are phobic and afraid that they might fall off the bed and suffer injuries. This is observed in pups when they are made to sleep with their owner. Thus, a necessary course of action is advised in these cases.

  • Give your dog a massage –

If you feel that your dog is getting older and avoiding to sleep with you because of pain in their joints or some ailments, it is better that you give them a massage and put them off to sleep. This would also make your dog feel wanted and would be relieved of the pain and would love to sleep with you.

  • Do not leave your dog alone –

Coming to dog depression, it is better that you buy a dog when you know that there would be somebody around the house to look after it when you are not there. If you are at home and still your dog shows anxiety issues, try spending more time with your dog. if the situation still persists, take your dog to a vet. Even if your dog is avoiding to sleep with you, go up to their kennel and stroke their fur softly till they go to sleep. After a few days, your dog would himself jump up to your bed and sleep with you. This is usually a part of the dog therapy that is advised by the vet.

So coming to a conclusion to how to make my dog sleep with me, we all need to understand that dogs need their own personal space too. This does not mean that you will make them devoid of your love but  rather establish a healthy relationship where you love each other unconditionally. Love your dog with a pure heart and it will surely be reciprocated.


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