Why is my Dog so Needy – New Research

Why is my dog so needy

If you are reading this topic, then your dog must be needy. That is, it refuses to let you out of sight, follows you around the house, craves for your attention constantly and whines when it can’t have its way. And you need to find out the causes for that and hopefully, solutions that work … Read more

Why does my Dog Nibble on me like I have Fleas?

Why does my Dog Nibble on me like I have Fleas

What does Dog Nibbling mean? Animals are more like humans than we care to admit. Dogs especially, have striking human-like traits and tendencies. They picked up on these attributes during their evolution from wolves to domesticated pets. With a vast array of emotions and expressions, from reading facial expressions to displaying empathy, jealousy and anger, … Read more

Who else wants to know Why Do Dogs Hate Squirrels?

Why Do Dogs Hate Squirrels

There isn’t arent enough things in the world that can ever satisfy your dog. They get bored super easy and are always hunting for something new to do and play around with. Especially if it is living and moving, your dog’s fascination would reach heights. Similar is the case with squirrels. They are small, furry … Read more

Why does my Dog Nibble my Nose: Is he Alright?

Why does my Dog Nibble my Nose

Most of the time, dogs nibble on their owner’s nose to show their affection. As they do not have any other kind of communication process with us, they use other gestures such as nibbling, licking and goofing around with us.  Why do Dogs Nibble?  Dogs nibble their playmates and owners as an affectionate indication towards … Read more

Why does my Dog Lick the Furniture? Is he Gone Mad?

Why does my dog lick the furniture

A major chunk of being a dog owner is making your piece with 2 things. Dog hair everywhere and lots of licking all over the house. Dogs can be curious creatures with their quirks and cute charming shenanigans. They may do something gram-worthy one minute and in the next, they’re licking their own rear ends. … Read more