About Us

The Idea

Doggytalent started with one simple goal. We want to help people in raising an Obedient, Healthy and Well-Behaved Dog by sharing with them Several ways and methods personally tested by us. We are willing to improve the relationship of Dog Owners with their Dogs so that their Furry Companions can get the love they Deserves.

Our Mission

With this newfound interest in the world of Pet Dogs, it’s more important now than ever that we can get the right advice without all nonsense. There are plenty of people who would look to make a quick money at the expense of providing false information. That’s why from the very beginning this site has been all about making sure people are given the correct information so that they can take informed and research-backed decisions.

Story Behind this Site

It all started because of my cute Female Pet Dog whom I adopted when she was just a puppy.

She came into my lonely life in the form my Best Friend who understand my feelings more than anyone else in this world. I first saw her at the roadside in a Miserable and Abandoned condition. She was Hungry, sick, infested with parasites and the craving for help can be easily seen in her little eyes.

I bring her home and looked after her as much as I can. I took her to the VET and she was greeting everybody there. She keep looking at me everytime with shinning eyes as if she wanted to say me thank you. It took One month to become Disease Free and healthy. After her recovery, I adopted her and made her my companion with Milo as her new name. We used to go for a walk daily and watch TV together. She sat near me with her cold and sad eyes whenever I was depressed and play with me when I was Happy. I gave her all types of Dog Training, Healthy food and a Happy lifestyle as I can.

But while raising her, I got experienced and realized that some important things were missed by me that would have given My lovely pet Milo even more wonderful life.

I decided to make a website in order to improve the life of these lovely creatures. I live with my best friend Milo and I am Certified Dog Health Expert now. I along with my small team analyze various factors daily and decide which thing works great for dogs and then update that useful information on Our website.

I will keep researching and sharing my experience with dog owners on how to raise their dogs in correct way so that their dog is obedient, fit, healthy, intelligent, happy and disease free.

Eva Greene

Eva started writing about Pet dogs to document her own journey. She missed some vital things while raising her Dog and does not want other Dog Owners to repeat the same mistakes. That’s why she started this Site.