Dog Friendly Restaurants Charleston SC

Psychologists subtly approve the fact that dogs are one of the best creatures sharing human behaviour and completely fit in the family and health organisations (especially WHO), by varied tests and trials, have concluded that dog-friends leave a healthy and anxiety-free impact when they hang together in and around. 

This togetherness of dogs is celebrated and in fact, welcomed by numerous restaurants in places and abroad, especially Charleston sc, where the owner or employee assumes the responsibility of leaving a bowl of water for the thirsty dog passing by its restaurant. 

Many of these also let both family and dog to grace their presence and dine together inside (or out).

Charleston is well considered a dog-friendly town for its generous approach towards both the stray and pet dogs, 

thus leaving no stone unturned in its services and facilities.

Poogan’s Porch

With 4.2/5 rating by Canine critics, Poogan’s Porch is one of the most amiable restaurants greeting the dogs and treating them with equal warmth and heartiness.

Besides the exceptionally tasty meal like fried chicken, pecan pie, etc, it also offers food for your dog which makes this place even more visit-worthy.  

They assure good ambience for your dog and do not let it feel alienated. 

However, the maximum size dog to be carried should not exceed 35 lbs, as there can be accomodation issues in response to bigger parties (including the massive dog)!

This restaurant is located in the south of Charlestown inside a century old Victorian house.

The Park Cafe 

With resplendent interiors made of beautiful lights and plant covered walls, The Park Cafe owns the head and heart of its customers by its scrumptious food and finest delivery.

This cafe has great global influence yet it’s food is cooked by local and organic ingredients.

The infrastructure of this cafe wins the most attention as it has special pork seating for the dogs where they can be placed and served with the same air of hospitality.

Each meal from salads to brunch, the Park Cafe offers organic and fresh food which is extremely mouthwatery for each and also entails regular reconstruction for a better environment for all. 

This place is awarded an overwhelming 4.5 stars for its service.

Eli’s Table

A perfect Dog-alley restaurant and bar covering the needs of both pup and people, Eli’s table serves succulent meals and very fine-drawn services.

It has a great outdoor pathway behind the restaurant which is paw perfect and playful for the dogs and puppies.

The restaurant also endows heater amenity in the chilly weather. 

The finest courtesy and care of workers towards their customers is amazingly great and they also assure the comfort of the dogs arriving along with the family.

The restaurant has been rated 4.4 stars and owns positive and fantastic reviews and recommendations by its visitors.

Lost Dog Cafe

Named after the dog itself, the Lost Dog holds a good command over its social commitments by providing rescue service to the stray dogs and allocating a home for their living.

It is located near the serene view of Folly Beach and is a lovely place for you and your pet to have the midday supper like chicken salad croissants, savoury biscuits, etc.

The workers are seen serving the dogs before the family and developing a pleasant relation with them.

The perfection in its service has awarded them a rating of 5/5 bones by 10 Canine Critics (on Bringfido).

Fuel Charleston

Fuel Charleston is another dog-friendly restaurant furnishing pub-inspired dishes with a different and a solid twist (Caribbean twist) in taste. 

The courtyard of this restaurant is suffused with the station’s past which is a great place to wander with your dog. 

The dog, too, enjoys the different climate while wandering in the enclosure of the restaurant. 

The place gives relaxed and chilled out vibes and is a great party spot, especially in the favourable weather conditions.

Due to the great service, lovely food and amiable staff, Fuel Charleston is marked with 4.2 stars out of 5. 

Brown Dog Deli

Another restaurant named after the dog, Brown Dog Deli is one of the most likeable and customer-favourite restaurants coming up with a variety of choices and dishes to fill the appetite.

The below table pavements have ample space for the dog to snuggle and stay for the time being. 

The employees lend wholehearted service to the dogs by even providing cold-chilled water in dry seasons and arrive with the pitch to refill if the dog is seen drowsy and tired.

The dogs themselves admire the place and cannot resist revisiting it after a couple of weeks! 

The rating of Brown Dog Deli is an overwhelming 4.5 stars.

Leon’s Fine Poultry And Oysters

With a mouth-watering meal menu consisting of fried fish, chargrilled oysters, peel n’ eat shrimp and many other succulent items in the row, Leon’s Fine Poultry & Oysters has received 5.0 out of 5 bones. 

The food is fresh and the place is cozy and congenial.

People often accompany their dogs with them because of the welcoming regards of the restaurant and employees. 

The employees sometimes offer the dog with a healthy coup of ice-cream (which is completely okay for the health of the dog).

 Moreover, the outdoor patio is great and good enough to accomodate the two (owner and his dog). 

The tasty southern style seafood along with stunning interior is rewarded with a rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars!

Lewis Barbecue

Lewis Barbecue holds a USP (unique standing proposition) in the market because of its large area, picnic-like spot and of course, the interior lunch/dinner tables wherein you can have a plate of beef short ribs, sandwiches and cocktails, etc with the family. 

This place, too, is okay for the dogs.

Here, the family is supposed to bring the dog bowl to quench it’s pet thirst and dogs are not allowed inside.

However, they take more pleasure staying outside and enjoy strolling in the nearby areas.

The result of homely atmosphere and scrumptious meal has yielded Lewis Barbecue an astonishing rating of 4.8 stars.

Taco Boy Downtown

One of the best places to visit if you are a fan of tacos and nachos, Taco Boy Downtown is a great place developing cordial relations with each of its visitors. 

People generally visit there to meet the acquaintance and friends, providing end to end exposure to dogs to socialise with other dogs around and get amused by the kids and music. 

It’s a good place to relax for both dog and owner!

This Mexican restaurant owns a wonderful rating of 4.4 stars.

Poe’s Tavern

A great spot to halt with your four-legged friend, Poe’s Tavern is an exquisite restaurant two blocks from the Sullivan’s island. 

The burgers of Poe’s Tavern are much loved and fond of, followed by fish tacos, chicken sandwiches and many other tasty feats. 

The dogs are greeted and welcomed, offered water right after the arrival and also taken care of with respect and enthusiasm.

It’s a nice place to spend time with family and friends.

Ravishing decor and appetising food has elevated the rating of Poe’s Tavern to 4.6 stars!

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co 

Bubba Gump Shrimp Co is a super friendly restaurant which provides amazing meals and allows dogs of all sizes in its premises.

It is rated with 4 of 5 stars. 

The employees are very helpful and the restaurant is very flexible with the cozy moves of the pet dogs. 

Everyone around admires playing, talking and are ready to pet the dog with love.

The place also makes dogs wave their tails out of happiness and ample attention is offered. 

The view around Bubba Gump Shrimp Co is very beautiful and the food is delicious. 

The concoctions of each internal and external factors invite the repeated visits of every customer and even more along with them.


Apart from restaurants, there are many bars in Charleston where both dogs and owners arrive and have a great time.

The vast space, compatible surrounding and pet-friendly atmosphere in some of the bars give dogs a great outdoor place for running, playing and seeking pleasure. 

It is occasional for the owners to unleash their dogs and have their wine while their dogs enjoy and make friends with other dogs present.

Like humans, restaurants and bars are also a wonderful place for socialisation for the pet dogs, provided they are carried together with required precaution and care.

The support of workers and restaurant/bar owners make it more satisfying for the members to step up with a complete family (which includes their pet dog).

Surprisingly, almost every restaurant serving both humans and Dogs has a rating of 4 or more. 

The generous nature, comfortable accommodation, customer oriented ambience, easy approach and friendly behaviour towards all the arrivals have elevated the quality of the restaurants and have made them rank top in their services and management.

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Dogs are man’s bestfriend, but for the years . Few years ago people had to leave dogs at home when they want to go out to eat food ,but now a days changing the trend and some restaurants are allowing dogs in their outdoor and indoor spaces . moreover this trend is growing . you can bring your dog inside as long as .They are on a leash and they can sit with you while you eat food . most of the restaurant have a dog menu. your dog will to eat while you eat too.

Are dogs allowed in restaurants in South Carolina?

Yes, dogs are allowed restaurant in south Carolina as well as outdoor dining areas can be designated as “Pet Friendly” by a retail food establishment as long as Moreover that are dog friendly and this includes small time restaurant to corporate franchise .Dog lover and dog owner are expect to be treated with respect and the same goes for the your dog

Is Charleston a dog friendly city?

Yeah! Charleston is one of the most dog friendly city in United State .Charleston is a dog loving town that special bond between a dog and its owner instead of that opening our doors to welcome both the furry and non-furry visitors. don’t bother to bring your dog along during your next Charleston trip when you go out the restaurant where you are find great food and a bowl of water for your four legged best friend.

What Big Sur restaurants allow dogs?

Dogs are allowed Big sur restaurant that welcome dogs at their outdoor tables .which is recently passed to allowing dog .The dog, too, enjoys the different climate while wandering in the enclosure of the restaurant. The place gives relaxed and chilled out vibes and is a great party spot, especially in the favorable weather conditions.

Restaurants in Big sur written below..

  • Big Sur Roadhouse. Big Sur, CA.
  • Big Sur Roadhouse. Big Sur, CA
  • The Sur House. Big Sur, CA.
  • The Forge. Carmel, CA.
  • Carmel Belle. Carmel, CA.
  • Casanova. Carmel, CA.
  • Hog’s Breath Inn. Carmel, CA.
  • Carmel Bistro. Carmel, CA.

Are dogs allowed on the beach in Charleston SC?

Yes, dogs are allowed But some restriction when your dog are leash off on the beach between 5:am to 9:am and evening 4:00pm to 10:00pm. however the other timing dog have to be leashed .if your dog splashing in the waste and the dog owner should clean up their dog moreover dogs must be under voice control when you go beach safety tips at the beach i have written below:-

  • Remember if it’s not at the beach for you ,your dog will also be extra toasty in her fur coat , so limit the amount of time your dog is on the beach.
  • Take fresh water so your dog can get drink , salt water isn’t safe for dogs
  • don’t leave your dog in the car with in a matter of minutes, the car temperature soar and how pet is in grave danger

What is there to do in Carmel with dogs?

Dogs are allow to off leash on Carmel beach , however they must be under the voice of their owner. it is town in united state Carmel by the sea is truly a world class pet friendly destination . it is the red carpet city for dogs and tourist as well. you just remove your dog waste from the Carmel city property and dispose of it . many shops provides water dishes and tasty treats for your dog.

Are dogs allowed on Cannery Row?

Sorry dogs are not allowed in cannery row .don’t feel like you how to leave home alone . you find information near hotels in Monterey here if your looking as soon as your porch palace a paw in the protocol lobby . they will be treated like family completely with a homemade biscuit welcome gift for dogs instead of that it is easy to access to an site outdoor pet friendly dining option .

10 best dog friendly restaurant…

  • Fuel Charleston
  • Poogan’s Porch
  • The Park Cafe
  • Eli’s Table
  • Lost Dog Cafe
  • Fuel Charleston
  • Brown Dog Deli
  • Lewis Barbecue
  • Taco Boy Downtown

Where should I travel with my dog to eat?

Key west, Florida is the best place to eat with your dog . when you travel with dog make sure your dog is comfortable when the dogs are transportation can be less stressful when travelling with dog buy dry food and food and water with your in the car if your pet gets hungry you can stop to feed him .

How do you take your dog camping food?

you should take dry food for your dog . Camping is a great way to bond with your dog faraway from the distraction of life at home Make sure you have all the material need for a successful have must dog outing essentials such as – leash, poop bags , meditation kit , dry food . spending more and more time with your dog can be incredibly beneficial to both of you .how ever your dog can help your satay more attractive and develop you social skills as well as camping with your dog can be a lot of fun .

How do you pack dog food?

Make you easy and keep all the food items together in one bag when you’ transportation her food directly in the bag . its the best stored in the orignal bag and keep inside an airtight container Make sure keep food cool and dry place .

  • Fresh water is essential
  • Dry food like- pedigree
  • Chicken
  • Vegetables
  • Milk
  • A Bone