What happens if a Dog gets Vaccinated Twice – Is it harmful?

What happens if a dog gets vaccinated twice

Dogs, just like humans, are prone to get affected by diseases throughout their lives. In fact, canines are more susceptible to infections because of the difference in their lifestyles, eating habits, tendency to sniff and eat unhealthily, etc. A whole lot of factors adversely impact their health, more so than humans. Their inability to make … Read more

How Old is Too Old to Breed a Dog: Revealed

How old is too old to breed a dog

Dogs are the most loyal creatures created by God. Once you start to pet a dog, there is no going back to it but wait, do you know that there is a specific age for a dog after which they should not breed. Although we human beings get too attached with our pets and what … Read more

Coronavirus in Dogs: 2020 Update

Coronavirus in dogs

Coronavirus is the buzzword these days and understandably for all the wrong reasons as the death toll has surpassed 1100 with a scarcely believable 45000 cases registered all over the world. A significant chunk of this population is in China while the novel virus has started spreading to other countries like Japan and the USA. … Read more

How long can you leave Wet Dog Food out: Quick tips keep wet dog food fresh?

How long can you leave Wet Dog Food out

From medieval times, the relationship between dogs and humans has been so strong enough in several ways. Both have sympathetic feelings towards each other. Predominantly, in some developed countries dogs are recognized as a family member and they are getting proper attention like a human. The feeding plans are so illustrious for dogs and personal … Read more

How long after Spaying can my Dog Play: 2020 update

How long after Spaying can my Dog Play

If you have a female dog, you must have heard about spaying from the vet or others around you. Spaying is the process of removing the womb from a female dog or the removal of ovaries and uterus. Spaying is a socially responsible decision. It offers a host of lifelong benefits for your female dog, … Read more

How to Deal with a dog on Lasix: Leaked Info

Which diseases can Lasix treat

Many dog owners seem to think that their dog doesn’t need as much medical support as humans. Unfortunately, that’s not true. Over a span of time, unhealthy food habits, infection, injury and many other factors can cause your dog to fell ill. One of the most critical yet profound diseases found commonly in dogs is … Read more

What Happens If You Give A Dog Too Much Wormer: New Info

What Happens If You Give A Dog Too Much Wormer

If you overdose your dog with a wormer then your dog might have serious health problems. Your dog may vomit and show signs of digestive issues. Diarrhea is a possibility and all these symptoms can be visible in one hours or it may take longer.  Can you give a dog too much Dewormer? No, you … Read more