Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Pillow? Does he loves you?

Dogs are the best thing that the world has to offer us. They’re the most beautiful, loving, caring and selfless species in the world and everyone deserves a loving companion such as them, in their lives. Having a dog at home is a cure for depression and loneliness. They can love you irrespective of your imperfections and that is something that everyone should cherish and value.

Why Does My Dog Sleep On My Pillow

They deserve all the love In the world and should receive the same, in return Thus, once someone brings home a dog, they should care for their furry friends and love them unconditionally as well. Most of us who have dogs, often might end up questioning various aspects of their behaviour and it might get us thinking, ‘Geez! I wish they could talk’. For example, my dog often sleeps on any piece of clothing that I might have left before going on a trip, or for a sleepover.

I’ve often presumed that it’s perhaps because he misses me. But there might be a lot more to it than just that, right? When dog owners were asked about what they felt about their dogs sleeping on their pillow, most of them replied by saying that they have no idea! In most cases, even if a dog is provided with a separate, cozy bed of their own, they still prefer sleeping on their human’s pillow. According to many reports, it’s perhaps because they’re protective of their family members. Apart from this, most dogs find comfort in snoozing and snuggling with their family on their bed! Once they grow accustomed to this,they usually stick to their habits. They might even feel comforted by our smell, and our scent which may lead them to sleep with us on our beds.

It can also appear to be a kind of attention seeking behaviour on their part as well. Almost all dogs absolutely love constant attention and they may occasionally ask for a belly rub or a pat on the head. This too, is a way of showing that they want you to pay attention to them. Most of you as dog parents, might have noticed a sense of domination which may work in them, where they would stick to you while sleeping on your pillows. That is a very natural instinct that most dogs possess.

Why does my dog sleep on my pillow when I’m gone?

The primary reason why a dog would do so, is because she/he is missing you in your absence and your scent gives them a sense of comfort and reminds them of you. Imitation is another reason why they’d do something like this. Since they’re born with certain natural instincts where they consider you to be the head of the pack, or look up to you as a parent or a companion, they often end up imitating you. The bond that one shares with their dogs gives them a sense of comfort and also determines on who’s pillow they’d sleep. In my case my dog prefers sleeping on my pillow than on my parent’s, at night. But in the morning he wakes up early and goes to their room to sleep right in-between them. It also gives them a certain sense of protection in their favourite human’s absence.

why does my dog sleep on my head at night

Why does my dog lay on my pillow when I get up?

Why does my dog lay on my pillow when I get up

Often, especially in case of female dogs, they consider their owner to be their babies or someone who needs their protection. Amidst many, this is one of the main reasons due to which they lie down on your pillow when you wake up in the morning. I’ve often found my dog sleeping at the end of the bed, and then in the morning i find him on my pillow. Dogs might find a sense of security in doing so. Just likr children, if a dog has had a bad dream then they might come and snuggle close to you for security and protection. Other than this, it’s a way of bonding that dogs have adapted to, since birth. If you’ve noticed dogs on the streets, then you might have noticed that the puppies snuggle close to the mother’s body while sleeping. That is also due to a sense a security that they obtain from their parent. Puppies and even big dogs snuggle with their family members to attain a sense of comfort and protection as well as to establish a kind of bonding with them. That is a way in which they prefer creating a special bond with you, in your presence or absence. They have a pure heart and even if they can’t talk, they have their own ways of showing how much they love you and care for you. This is also another way of marking their territory because dogs are mostly very possessive of their family as they’re the ones that they look up to, the most. Immense amount of possessiveness and protective instincts work on their part when it comes to their family members which enables them to engage in such activities.Their love for us is unconditional and these are various ways of expressing it.

How to get your dog off your pillow?

How to get your dog off your pillow

It is not an easy to train a dog to stay off of your bed if he has already grown accustomed to it. So one must take all the necessary precautions before they grow into the habit of doing so. When a dog sleeps on your pillow they’re doing it out of their unconditional love and sense of protection towards you. It is also an indication towards marking their territory which is again, a natural instinct that they possess. But most people may have some trouble in this case because they may be a light sleeper and dogs often tend to dream in their sleep or move around a lot, changing and shifting positions which may cause some amount of disturbance. In many cases they often end up taking a lot of space. For instance, I often wake up almost hanging off of my bed with my dog snuggling close to me, leaving the rest of the bed empty. That might prove to be a little uncomfortable for some. Apart from these, many are allergic to dog hair, which causes an allergic reaction to their fur, especially if there’s a lot of it on the pillow and the bed. As puppies, dogs usually end up wetting the bed which is also another issue. Other than this, dogs who go out a lot for walks, often come home with ticks. In a household, especially with babies, that is dangerous because if it enters the ear then someone or the other will definitely fall sick. Though there are several precautionary measures that you can take for these, the best solution is to train your dog to sleep on his own bed since the very beginning. People often buy beds for their dogs when they’re merely puppies, and eventually let them sleep on their beds, but if a dog is trained o sleep in their own bed since the very beginning, it eliminates the problem as a whole. Behaviour problems like aggression and over-possessiveness may often affect individuals and that mostly happens when dogs are too used to having their humans around and end up getting very protective of them. One must ensure to put their dog’s bed close to them and in a cozy spot and if the dog already has a habit of sleeping in his favourite human’s bed then they should leave a piece of cloth with their scent in it. But it is advisable to make your dogs sleep on their own beds since the very beginning because when they’re older and have grown accustomed to this habit, they might feel like they’re being punished for some wrong deed which is again, unfair to them. Since they are born with certain human Dogs are the most loving and caring species on the face of Earth and they deserve all the love, care, protection and warmth that one can offer.

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