Does Your Dog Bite

Biting is the inherent  action of every dog in response to unprotected circumstances and territory changes. 

The difference in the intensity of bite lies in the type of breed your dog belongs to. 

Dogs are particular of their possessions and any intrusion in their personal space by outsiders make them subconscious and defensive. 

If the dog has risen from maternity pain, the motherly insecurity in addition to the growing agony can also be a major reason for the dog (bitch) bite. 

Tamed dogs are subjected to rigorous training and vaccines and thus, become comfortable in an external environment and do not threaten or get threatened by people in and around them.

This subtle socialisation can head a control on the aggression and attacks of dogs. 

Small and insensitive bites by puppies also arise out of excitement, frolic and playful mood. 

But, if your dog has grown and been used to the family, it’d avoid unnecessary bites and barks and hardly go in the flow.

Does Your Dog Bite Meme :

The bark of a dog is more fearsome than a few runsteps of it towards the person (suffering from Cynophobia). The spirit of a person fearing a dog is already dusked by its pants and barks as it is reflective in his incessant sweating and goosebumps!

The untamed and street wandering dog can bring agony to anyone visiting by and around but the tamed is controlled by the grip of its owner and thus, avoids biting and even barking after paying regards to the gesture of its master.

How To Stop Your Dog From Biting?

Biting is the instantaneous instinct of dogs, unless they are trained and tamed.

Dogs biting can not be completely prevented but controlled by all means.

Instructions to the dog from an early age about its surroundings and its requisite response to it should be the primary of every family taming dog.

The dog should be familiarised with mankind and kids and should learn to handle its impulse after the arrival of unknown or uncertain.

Socialisation and friendly approach do attract the dog to human emotions. However the idea of “no biting” should be reinforced day and night either by reflecting the pain it causes or shouting (should be avoided). 

The idea should be to resist the urge of dogs to bite. Its urgency can also be reduced by deviating the attention of the dog to other objects.

Pink Panther Does Your Dog Bite Scene

A metaphor from the film The Pink Panther Strikes Again, 1976, where inspector clouseau misunderstood the anonymous dog as the dog of Hotel clerk and was bitten by it actually highlights the difference between the untrained and the well equipped and trained pet dog. 

(The dialogue  delivery was laced with

humour to balance the terror of bite!)

Dog Bite Sleeve :

Frisky and fun-loving creatures, Dogs often tend to pull the sleeves of masters to gather attention or to make a call for play.

Moreover, holding on and chewing the little piece of cloth gives your dog natural pleasure and satisfaction when it meets you after hours/days of missing.

However, owners must discourage mouthing habits as the play-way approach can soon turn into rough rage and drive.

Lending no eyes and attention to your dog in such a case can be a good grip over this habit as your dog would not wish to apply those tactics which yield no attention.

Dog Bite Pictures :

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW) report, the most common target points of humans for dogs are wrist and hand. 

The exasperated creature wildly sinks its teeth on the skin of humans (or other creatures causing harm to it), grip it and leave a huge stamp of its paw, apart from unbearable pain, redness, inflammation and bacterial infection. 

Apart from this, dogs also, unsurprisingly, attack on the below-knee leg as that area is more bony than others. 

The dogs’ bite might range from simple cuddle, kicks and grip -ons to enormous and deadly clutch steered out of ferocity.

The other serious  effect of dog bite is heavy infusion of harmful bacteria deep into tissues, body disfigurement, effect on blood vessels and nerves as well as severe side effects like fever, vomiting and headache.

Dog Bite Suit 

In the technological era where digital securities have taken toll over all traditional ways of guarding, commanders, army men, police and many other commercial stakeholders tend to opt dogs as a security agent as it gives them a more personalised, vigilant and  reliable benefits. 

Moreover, dogs never fail to alarm their masters of the intruder!

The base to these duties of dogs, ofcourse, demands prior training and experience to land on the battle-field and lend a helping hand in protective missions.

Professional dog trainers are the hired men who train the dogs and help them develop the potential to attack and defend. 

Special dog bite suits are worn by the trainers during the training session to restrain an infection, pain or inflammatory bite during the wild and risky hours of apprentice training. 

Qualities of a perfect dog suit include multiple padding, strong material, flexibility, velcro closure, palm  and neck protection provision for military and guard training. 

Jackets woven of Jute, leather and French linen material made of rear and tear resistant cloth provide safety to the trainer and are extremely light weight and mobile, thus helping them to ease handle even the toughest jumps.

Dog Bite Infections 

One of the most dangerous scrapes costing even the life of people, dog bite, scratches the multi-layered epithelial coating (the outermost surface of skin), transpires the skin, lead to penetration of polymicrobial in the internals and ultimately form pus in the body causing infections like :

• tetanus-  infection caused by toxin production in the nervous system by a bacteria named Clostridium Tetani.

•rabies- a virus generating hydrophobia and photophobia in humans.

•sepsis – an infection that damages the immune system and causes great sufferings to the organs of the body.

The casual and mild bite can cause immobility, pain, liquid drainage from wounds, sweats and fever but hard bite can hit and shake the person completely. 

What Happens If Your Dog Bites Someone?

Effective control and patience at the height of nuisance can gain you a good command over your pet. 

If the pet dog bites an outsider during a walk or groom, it must be treated with calmness to avoid any more aggression and fierce reaction.

In such a case the owner becomes obligatory to the victim of its pet and must take the charge of his/her treatment. 

But, what if the dog bites someone at the home itself?

The pet must be  immediately shifted to a closed room or a caged kennel (if any). If the bite is subtle and mild, the pet can be self-trained and rebuked but if the intensity of seriousness is high, the nearby animal control office must be communicated to know what next step should be. 

Dogs need timely check up as they might not deal well with health and even a small change in the environment or people can play on its impulse, following which it starts bitter biting.

In the situation the pet is found in serious confrontation with another animal, be it cat or dog, the injured out of the two (or more) needs  quick volunteering and medication. 

What to do If Family Dog Bites Child?

The easiest prey to dog’s hostility is young children (below 5-7 years of age) who know no boundaries and limits of fun. 

These kids are most likely to be bitten or scratched by family dogs if they persist seeking enjoyment in troubling the pet. 

However, unaware about the fluctuation of mood and mind, these kids might also be an object of wrath and inferiority for the massive and stout creature. 

Whatever be the case, the child needs immediate treatment as the wounds might grow extremely severe. 

First aid is, undoubtedly, the first option to choose if there is minor injury and no cut. 

A disinfectant and antiseptic ointment is the appropriate salve that can be used to absorb and stem the bleeding. 

Whatever be the intensity of the wound, a doctor’s prescription is must to know the exact infected (or traumatised) area. 

In case the bite is severe, the doctor is sure to prescribe tetanus injection,  anti-rabies vaccine or anti-rabies immunoglobulin accordingly on gaps of a couple days.

However, the complexity of the injury can also compel the treatment of wounds via surgery.

If A Dog Bites Someone Will It Be Put Down

From owning a pet to its living, care, treatment and euthanization, everything is guided by laws and jurisdiction of the respective countries (many countries have no laws while some follow stringent rules). 

Similarly, the biting of a dog also has vertical level treatment. 

Beginning from veterinary check up, here the mental and physical health of the dog is evaluated. 

If the dog is found to be very vexed and aggressive, it can also be put in quarantine for 10 days. 

A few countries like the US prefer hanging a ‘dangerous dog collar’ on the neck of its dog to signal its behaviour and warn others.

The difference in the colour of the collar band is the exact indicator of the dog’s temperament.

• Red collar is a caution that dogs want space.

• Green collar reflects amiability and fun loving nature of dogs.

• White collar is the indication of disability (deaf, blind, etc) 

• Blue collar shows that a dog is in its training period, etc. 

Euthanizing a dog is the least chosen and thus, the last option if other options do not fit fine. 

The family can also choose to euthanize its dog if it is suffering from any prior disease.

Above all, more than a three-quarter dog owner look for a well-sustaining treatment to entail the originality of its loving pet and the rest try to carve other means to leash and get hold of its pet, as a pet is equivalent to family member which the family cannot afford to put down!