How to Stop Dog Nail from Bleeding: Home Remedies

Bleeding occurs as Dog nails contain a network of blood vessels. This network varies with breed and age.

A dog with a bleeding nail can get panic and depressed. You can avoid all these mishappenings in the future. I will tell you about easy home remedies to stop bleeding immediately. Once you get to know the Proper way of cutting nails then it won’t happen in the future.

I will also discuss the trick by which you can save your dog from stress and worry due to bleeding nail along with treatment for rare untreated cases.

Keep Calm:

This is the first step before doing anything else.

If you have accidentally cut your dog nails to short then do not worry as your dear dog can get worried too by seeing you. Dogs can read our emotions and they are emotionally connected to their owners. Instead, try to calm your dog and give him his favorite food to eat. Keeping calm is important as the nails of dogs contain blood vessels and the bleeding may look severe but is actually minor. You need to take care initially while cutting them and if you failed to do so due to some reason then stay calm. It will heal within a few days completely. However, the healing time can vary with the care taken. Your dog can get stressed by pain so do whatever you can to distract him from pain. You can use toys as well along with tasty treats. watching tv with your dog will also help

Home Remedies:

The home remedies will work great for your dear dog and won’t give them irritation but they take some time to show effect.

  1. Baking Soda – Baking soda has healing properties and it will act as an antiseptic over your dog’s wounded nail. Use it with the help of cotton. it can also be used in the form of a paste.
  1. Potassium Permanganate – It is in the form of crystals and is used by veterinarians to stop bleeding from nails. Use it by mixing in water and apply with the help of cotton. Press the cotton swab gently over the nail and hold it for about half a minute. The bleeding stops in most cases.
  1. Bandage – Apply bandage simply over the paw and don’t let your dog move around for about an hour. you can do this by either giving him a chew toy or making him asleep.
  1. Flour – The flour relieves pain and provides a soothing effect. It is natural and won’t cause itching to the affected nail. However, it works slowly.
  1. Soap – This method is used if the bleeding is severe or is occurring at more than one nail. take a mild soap and gently push your dog’s nail over the wet soap bar so that it forms a coating over the nail. This will stop bleeding and will ease the formation of blood clot.

Repeat it if you feel the need.

  1. Super Glue – This may sound awkward but its effective to stop the bleeding. The super glue is harmless unless your dog swallows
  1. Apply the super glue over the tips of nails and let it dry. look out for your licky dog while the glue is drying. The glue will

not fall off once the new nail starts to grow

  1. Cornstarch – The cornstarch heas the wound but it should be used as a paste by mixing in water. Apply the paste with a Q-tip

gently. Apply another layer after some time but do not wipe off the previous layer yourself.

In addition to all these remedies, make sure your dog does not put pressure on the injured paw for at-least 35 minutes. Use all home remedies after making your Dog Comfortable and static.

How to cut nails of your dog to avoid accidents in Future?

Do not use scissors or any other thing to cut your dog’s nails. Use clippers specially designed for cutting dog nails only. This will decrease the probability of future nail bleedings.

Before cutting, look for nail part known as Quick which is underneath the nail coating and is dark in color due to blood vessels. Simply cut at least 2 millimeters above the quick. However this method is applicabe in case your dog has transparent or translucent nails. For Opaque and black colored nails, you just have to cut small portion from the tip through rough estimate.

Another thing you need to remember is that Do Not cut the nails frequently. No need to cut them until they produce sound with floor when your dog walks.

Look out for tool sharpness and replace the blunt tool or too sharp one. It should be moderate.


  • Use Styptic Powder

These are also called as styptic pencils. It contains benzocaine that relieves pain and promotes healing. Usually, dog nail bleeding can be stopped with some home remedies but if the situation is worse then you can use a styptic powder that is similar to what is used by veterinarians to stop bleeding. Proper care should be taken while applying this powder. Do not use some kind of brush or a hard piece of cloth. do same as you do when applying for medicine on a wound. Use cotton with the application of very little pressure. keep cotton there till the bleeding seems to be stopped. This powder contracts the blood vessels and stops bleeding. It also protects wounds from infections. You can also dip your dog’s affected paw in the powder directly.


Nail bleeding in dogs is common and is experienced by every dog at least once in their life.

but there are numerous applied  home remedies that are discussed here.


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