How to reduce Dog Shedding: Proven Effective methods

Dog shedding more than normal is an indication of underlying diseases in most cases.

But that reason may have quite a simple solution that I will tell you about in this guide.

Imagine coming home after a very tiring day and getting to see the cutest creature waiting for you at the door and wagging its tail. ‘Happiness at your doorstep’ surely comes into existence at that time.

Your energy reaches the zenith again and your fatigue meter crashes to zero. Pets are indeed the most brilliant way to bring out your inner kid and reflect that pure innocence upon your face.

Dogs we all agree are one of those pets which tops the list of mood refreshers. Those cute little eyes looking up to you with so much of love, that little nose that sniffs every little change in the house, the cute lick and the softest fur which u can cuddle with any time.

Fur, well talking about fur, what do you think would be the sole purpose of fur on an animal’s body?

Why does fur shedding take place? 

Fur shedding takes place when a dog’s hair stops growing and it sheds it naturally. The amount of hair that is shed varies from season to season plus breed to breed. Double coated breeds like the golden retrievers shed during the spring and autumn for maintaining optimal body temperature.

Causes of Excessive fur shedding are – 

1. Stress:

Stress is seen to have some serious issues with our hair. From balding in humans to shedding in pets, stress comes out to be the main reason. Dog shedding in case of stress is a part of their body’s natural defense mechanism. This is the reason why you are full of fur when you get your dog back from the vet.

Stressful conditions also occur for a dog when they are left isolated and not given due attention.

Stress as always quoted is a silent killer. Hair shedding is nothing compared to other problems it causes. Thus, a comfortable environment is very important for our pets.

 2. Poor nutrition and poor grooming:

An insufficient diet for our dog can be a reason for shedding. A healthy diet is very important for a healthy metabolic rate and healthy functioning of the body.

Poor hygiene conditions can also be a reason for dog shedding. Dogs need to bathe at least once in three days and their fur should be combed nicely.

 3. Lick granulus:

This is one of the main reasons for fur shedding. Dogs have this self-induced traumatic lesion to lick their fur. This, in turn, causes irritation and thickening of the skin. This leads to fur shedding and bald patches over the skin.

 4. Pregnancy/lactation:

Pregnancy and lactation period causes the dogs to be deficient in calcium and certain other nutrients required for their healthy functioning. Also, pregnancy leads to the production of excessive amounts of cortisol hormone which is also called the stress hormone. This is a major reason for fur shedding in pregnancy.

 5. Allergies:

Apart from all these reasons, certain allergies and immune diseases are also a reason for fur shedding.

When should you see the vet?

Dog shedding is completely normal, but you should realize when you should be seeing a vet.

Excessive hair loss is the clearest indication of a problem. Along with this, red patches over the skin, baldness and open sores on the body are also an indication of a problem.


 The only cure for Dog shedding is going to the vet where he would give the required medication to our little fellow. Plus, a few more vaccinations would also help in the healthy maintenance of our dog.

We all are aware that precautions have always known to triumph over cure. It’s better that we follow the preventive measures so that there is no scope of our pet to suffer. Preventive measures have a direct connection with the causes.

 Precautions :

1. A healthy environment for the dog where it feels equally involved in the family would give it no reasons for stress. A little comfort and cuddling would surely make a great difference.

  1.  A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. Thus, proper nutrition is very important for healthy functioning. Along with this, some specific nutrient supplements should also be considered so that deficiency of nutrients does not take place in their bodies.
  2.  You should be aware of your dog’s habits. You should know what causes an allergy and is unfit for the dog. Such supplements should be avoided. Consider your dog as a baby who needs proper care and thus, you should research well before buying a dog.

After all, it is your responsibility to care for somebody who endows you with endless love.

  1.  Special care should be taken during pregnancy and lactation period. As mentioned earlier, calcium supplements should become an integral part of their diet during this phase.
  2. A very important precautions that should be followed most specifically is proper grooming. Dogs should be kept in proper hygiene so that any kind of parasites and fungal infections can be avoided.

For this, proper shampoos and combs should be used for washing and cleaning the fur.

Combs should be chosen according to the fur type which depends upon which breed of dog you have.

 Proper brushes for different breeds:

  • For dogs with longer and thicker coats: 

These include the wheaten terrier, bearded collie, afghan hound and huskies.

we need slicker brushes for these breeds so that they can reach deep down under the thick outer coat and pull out the dead hair and detect any parasites under the coat. Do not use shedding tools with blades as there would be higher chances of cuts on the skin.

  •   For dogs with short coats and thin hair: 

These include breeds like beagles and pugs.

A natural bristle brush would be sufficing to loosen out the tangles on their hair. This will also distribute the natural oils all over the skin of the dog.

Also massaging the coat with lotions would be of great help to the nourishment of the coat.

These are all the methods by which we can take proper care of our dogs.

Thus, concluding by quoting a few lines

“To the love that you bestow,

And stepping together as we grow,

To my little buddy with fairy wings

Every little thing to you I owe.”

Our pets endow us with endless love but it’s upon us how we return that love. Take care of your dog the way a mother takes care of a new-born child because those melancholy eyes and the glorious spirit would surely run down your memory lane for a lifetime.