How to put together a Dog Crate: Free Step by Step Guide

Before we get to understanding how to put together a dog crate, it is important to know what a dog crate is and why it should be used.

A dog crate is also called a dog cage. It is made of metal, wire, plastic or fabric which includes a door which can be used to as a dog home or while travelling with your dog. They are mostly used as a dog home to teach them they should sleep in a particular place or while travelling with them in case they don’t get fidgety during the ride.

Some people also use dog crates as a part of their toilet training for a puppy. However, dogs shouldn’t be locked in the crate as they might feel lonely because of being trapped. This will harm them both physically and mentally.

A dog crate is used more or less the same way as a baby crib.

Types Of Dog Crate:

There are different types of dog crates which can be used for different types of at different ages. Please make sure that dogs aren’t locked in for a long time because they are meant to roam around freely. Prolonged locking will harm them mentally and physically.

  • Plastic Portable Dog Carriers –

How to put together a Dog Crate

Plastic dog crates are best suited for puppies or medium-sized dogs. They are made with thick plastic which makes sure that it doesn’t break even if you are carrying your dog somewhere. It has a front-facing door that can easily be locked to make sure that your dog doesn’t go out. They also have a handle at the top for easy carrying for the owners.

If you are taking your dog on a plane, then you would need a crate which is strong enough to provide protection to your dog throughout the flight in the cargo hold.

  • Folding Wire Dog Crates –

These are foldable wires. They are easy to move around the house and travel with. The good thing about these crates is they have a lot of open spaces in the cage so your dog will have fresh air at all times and can have a good view of their surroundings without considerable restrictions. These crates are easy to clean.

These crates can be a little pricky to the dogs. So it would be comfortable for your dog if you could place a soft cushion or a soft small mattress. Another issue with this crate is they tend to get bigger than the dog who is going to use them.

So it is advisable to take your dog with you if you are getting the crate from a retail shop.

  • Soft-Sided Dog Crate –

Soft-Sided Dog Crate

These crates are actually very comfortable for dogs but not the best choice if your dog is teething. During the teething phase, your dog will want to chew a lot, they might end up chewing this too.

They are made of canvas and nylon and are easy to get ruined than other forms of crates. For dogs who are trained enough and are calm, these crates are the best choice. They are also very easy to travel with and are light weighted. They are suitable for all dogs who can stay calm.

  • Heavy-Duty Dog Crates –

They are not the immediate necessity for your dog unless your dog is exceptionally aggressive or is of huge size. They are mostly used for the dogs who destroy their crates and are good at escaping. These crates are not the best if your dog has developed crate anxiety. There are many reasons for crate anxiety like being locked for a long time or separation anxiety.

But you must know that crate shouldn’t be a punishment for your dog. It should be more of a relaxing place for your dog. If you keep seeing that your dog is getting aggressive towards all kinds of crates, it’s best you visit a doctor to know what exactly the issue is.

  • Fashion Dog Crates/ Furniture Dog Crates –

Crates like these are exactly what they are called. They are an investment. They are actually like furniture in the house. They are mostly made of wood. These should only be used when your dog is well trained and is used to staying in crates. But they can be pretty expensive. They are not ideal for training purposes.

How to put together a metal dog crate?

There are certain types of metal crates that are easy to assemble and to disassemble. These types of crates are easy to travel with as they take up less space in case they are out of their crate. But it is important that if you are travelling with your dog and you plan to keep them in a crate throughout the travel, it is big enough for your dog to stand up and change their sleeping positions.

Step 1 – Open the crate box and take the flattened metal crate outside the box.

Step 2 – Once all the crates are out, keep them on the floor. Remove the plastic pan from the bottom and place it on the floor.

Step 3 – All these crates are to be connected to the plastic pan which will become the base of the dog crate.

Step 4 – Attach the metal crates to the plastic pan.

Step 5 – Then add the next plastic pan on top of the metal crates.

Step 6 – Use the hooks to attach the crates from the side and the door of the crate.

Step 7 – Try and move the crate a little rough to make sure that the crate is sturdy for your dog.

How to Assemble a Drop-Pin Dog Crate?

Below are the steps that you can follow to assemble a drop-pin crate. It will be better if two people are doing this task. But one person can do it too.

But make sure you never, even by mistake leave your dog with its collar tied to its neck. It might get caught with the wires and cause injury. Also make sure that the pins are fully and completely inserted as they might cause serious damage to your dog, physically.

Step 1 – Unpack dog crates from the box. If you can, assemble the dog crates in the place where the dog crate will be kept. Especially if your dog is big.

Step 2 – Place the bottom of the dog crate on the floor. All the hooks should be upwards where you will be placing the crate rods.

Step 3 – Place the rods on the hooks. Two bottom rows of wire should be closer to the top rows.

Step 4 – Attach the crate rows on the hooks that are attached to the bottom panel of the crate.

Step 5 – It is time t hang the door towards the end of the top panel and attaches the door with the hooks.

Step 6 – Attach one drop pin in every corner of the crate. Make sure that the hooks are very well inserted and are not coming out from any corner.

How to Assemble and Collapse a Wire Dog Crate?

Wire dog crates are the easiest to assemble and collapse.


Step 1 – Remove the crates from the box

Step 2 – Place the bottom panel on the floor.

Step 3 – Lift the layers of the crate and place them upwards.

Step 4 – Place the last layers together and hook them together.

Step 5 – Place the wired layers over the bottom panel.

Step 6 – Hook every corner of the crate together. Different sizes of the crate rows will require different sizes of hooks.

Step 7 – Test the crate. Make sure that the crate is well hooked so it doesn’t break while your dog is inside.


It is easy to assemble the crate but it can be a little tough to disassemble it. So it’s better to have two people do it. One person is needed to pull off the crate.

Step 1 – Pull out the crate after unhooking every corner. Be careful during this, so you don’t end up getting hurt or breaking the crate.

Step 2 – Take out the plastic pan from the crate.

Step 3 – Remove the hooks from the crate rows. Be careful with this, you might put too much pressure.

Step 4 – Lightly push each side of the crate rows and keep them aside safely.

Step 5 – Keep the hooks, rows and the bottom panel in a box.

Even though crates can be useful for the dogs and easy to manage them for their owners. But the owners must remember that crates shall only be used for transportation and during sleep. They shouldn’t be locked up for a long time. It will physically and mentally harm them. Locking your dogs for a long time will only worsen the situation of your dog and they might become aggressive.

It is also important to remember that if your dog doesn’t get used to staying in the cage even after an ample amount of training, drop the idea. Maybe your dog isn’t comfortable in the cage or is suffering from cage anxiety.