How to make your Dog Smell Good: Natural ways

Dogs are a huge responsibility, and as your pet they are just as important as any other member of your family. They are extremely emotional and sensitive with a high intelligence quotient. They are known to be the most universally obedient and empathetic animals with incredible survival instincts. They vary in sizes, breed and temperament.

Dogs take care of you just as much as you take care of them. While they provide you emotional and mental stability and tranquillity, your care for them has to cover all bases: from emotional sensitivity to hygiene. Hygiene is not just confined to cleanliness specifically, it also includes health, quality food and body odour. Majority dog owners pay sufficient heed to the first two aspects of hygiene but often tend to ignore the third facet which is just as vital as the other two by choosing to stay under the impression that there isn’t anything effective, they can do about it.

Dog odour is a major concern amongst most dog owners but they are unaware of the measures they can take to get rid of this minor concern which still plays a significant role in the hygiene of our precious little dogs.

Your prayers have been answered! You can find some easy, handy, effective and efficient ways to handle dog odour right here.!

How to make your Dog Smell Good?

  • Regular Bed Vetting –

Our surroundings play a pivotal role in our health and hygiene as well. The sanitation of our surroundings is just as important as our personal hygiene. The place we live and sleep in should be kept just as pristine as we try to keep ourselves. Afterall “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”.

  • Brushing Hair –

A small touch as menial as a small pat hint towards warmth and intimacy. It is a well-known fact that dogs enjoy a brush through their furry coat. While some dogs might repel it, make it a point to frequently brush your dog. It is not only a great way for owners to bond with their dog but it also necessarily removes the dander and dust from their fur which might later become roots of unpleasant odour or worse, cause of illness.

  • Check Teeth and Ear –

While the bodily cleanliness is essential, there are other parts of sanitation that need to be paid special attention to, as we might tend to skip them more often that we would care to admit. Dental hygiene and auricular sanitation are tricky and an imperative part of cleanliness which requires attention as well as regular check-ups. You, on your end have to ensure that the possible odour of your dog shouldn’t be a product of an ear-mite infestation or a yeast infection (in either case, it is treatable!). A couple of cotton balls and mineral oil or baby oil does the trick.

Their teeth should be regularly brushed.

Warning: An attempt of using cotton swabs to clean the ear canal of your dog may be a risky manoeuvre, in case of mites or an infection, it might simply cause further damaging or worse, you might even accidentally go too far and damage the ear drum.

How To Make Your Dog Smell Good

  • Contrary to popular belief, the diet that your dog takes, plays a humongous role in almost all the aspects of his life, its bandwidth ranging from health to the body odour of your dog. So, for all big or small reasons, you must take into consideration that the food you feed your dog must be of optimal quality.
  • Cotton and Oil Baby Cleaners –

Dogs are carefree and light hearted creatures. Most of them hate being clean and taking a bath. My own dog, whenever forced to take a bath, gives me a hard time and after he is finished, scurries back to the lawn and rolls around in the dirt, making the entire process of bathing moot!

If your dog too, gives you a difficult time and you are having one of those days when you are too tired to chase his tail then a more convenient way out can be to just wipe him down with a wet cloth. That should give your dog’s fur a luscious shine.Baby cleaners are also a considerable alternative for wet wipes.

Warning: Don’t use the wet wipe around your dog’s eyes, it may cause irritation.

You can only use this technique with dogs that don’t have a very thick fur, for example Dachshunds, Pugs, Boxers, etc.

How to make your Dog Smell Good (Home Remedies)

  • Regular Baths –

In our day to day hectic life, we often tend to take the importance of the cleanliness of our dogs a little more leniently than we should. Their baths are just as important as our showers. Sanitation of our dogs is a point of vital importance and must be taken into consideration more often than usual.

  • Dog Mist at Home –

You can conveniently make an easy deodorizer for your dog, sitting at home. All you have to do is fill up a bottle with one-third vinegar and fill the rest of it with water. It will act as a dog mist for your dog and freshen up the scent of your dog.

The vinegar won’t harm your dog in anyway, it will simply get rid of the dog smell.

Warning: Don’t use this mist around your dog’s eyes and ears, it may cause irritation.

  • Dry Shampoo –

Corn-starch and baking Soda is a magical combination. It acts as a dry shampoo. All you have to do is sprinkle a little all over the furry coat of your dog and then simply use a towel to brush off the excess.

Additional Aid:

Although, I am a dog owner myself, yet I can get easily repulsed by a dog’s stench and I am also fully aware how other people might react to the same. So I like to keep a deodorant/mist handy when I don’t have the time or resources to make one myself. My personal favourite deodorant that keeps my dog smelling dewy fresh for a very long time is “PETLOGIX”. It is hundred percent natural and chemical free, hence safe for my dog. More importantly it is Sulphate free that keeps the delicate skin and hair of my dog constantly protected allaying all my worries of any severe reaction.

how to make your dog smell good without a bath

Here is a video of veterinarian Dr.Jones who shares a couple more home remedies to get rid of that dog stench.