Easy Step by step Tutorial on How to make a Dog Bed?

A dog’s bed is the home to him. Just like humans they too seek comfort, space and most importantl shell coverage for their sound sleep. A dogs bed is easily available everywhere in the market whether offline or online. You can purchase it or make it depending upon your wish and conditions. How to make a dogs bed? It has numerous ways either you go simply in the market or checking on the internet and places the order for it and it is there at your place. On the other side if you prefer making it then there are different methods and procedures which can be adopted by you to provide super comfort zone to your dogs as per his preferences and your space.

While going for making out of bed for your dog does consider these following methods and procedures for the same.

Firstly, I will let you know about different types of beds available which can be prepared by you as per your dog and your likings.

Different types of dog beds:

1. Truckle Bed

This is a type of bed which is accustomed to the small living areas or in small houses where you want the lesser area to be occupied by your pet. So in such a situation, this is a kind of folding bed which can be prepared by you so that in even small space your dog attains his comfort. Moreover, it also enables neat and clean structure thus it will not disturb or make your place hooch pouch and will be set in proper order as per space.

2. On Stitched Bed –

This is a type of bed which is not stitched using any thread or tissues. It follows up matching and making of or owning of fabric material bed for your dog (as a type of mats or carpets) can be provided for his laying purposes. This will come as a matching belonging to your other home furnishing materials which can also become presentable or add to the decor of your house.

3. Reconditioned Bed

This way of bed comes up as regeneration in a new or unique way. Sometimes (you brings up the new puppy in the house and you earlier also had one grown-up dog whose bed can be moulded up and reconstructed in new ways for your puppy’s settlement.

4. Pine Box Beds

This style of bed comprises the material of wooden pallets of pine trees or its wooden trunk thus used up to frame the dog as per your specifications and suitability to your dogs desire. This bed is less costly. Hence budgeted item for you.

5. Deck Out Bed

This bed is built upon your needs and aspired vision. This deck bed comes up with an option of moulding the wooden pallet to fix up or get adjustable in your garden area. So this is something of reconstruction of wooden material to form a bed.

6. Regenerated Bed

It is an item of remodeling surface. This type of bed can be prepared by mixing up rejuvenating the old furniture materials for example doors, cupboards, drawers, wooden cupboards etc can be reconstructed in bed stuff for your dog sleeping area.

7. Carriage Bed –

This item can be made up with the help of buckboard. In this bed’s construction removal of wheels and axles is done and inserting of the pillow in the bed using up any skin-friendly fabric to your dog’s fur. And to avoid any kind of harm to the sides try to put up furniture pads at the middle. So that it prevents it from getting destroyed by your dog’s activities.

8. Interlaced Pulpit

This is a nylon woven bed for your dog. This can take up or hold up the weight of about 160 pounds. And the weaving of thread is done in the squared form to form up a wooden frame. Also, the attachment of legs to the bed of various colors makes it more attractive and elegant.

9. Reprocessed Valise-

This is reusing the old bag or suitcase in a new model as abed to your dog. This bed can be made into use by placing up a soft cushion in the bottom and mid of luggage box-formed on use of fabric and for more creation adding up of toys in a hanging style can be done on the pockets of the valise.

10. Restructured Card Tables –

You can also make use of unwanted, damaged or old furniture in making the bed of your dog. So the television table can be one such thing. It can be used up by ripping of al the electronic cables from it and with some painting and designing and putting in soft fabric cloth makes it a comfortable product for use.

11. Woollen Cloth Bed –

This bed can be made up by using the old woollen clothes like sweaters or cardigans. If your dog loves your woollen fabric a lot. Then make a bed from it surely if you wish to make up bed is based on the involvement of fabric cloth. Then firstly, chose up on the sides to fix it properly and make it like a bunching chair. This is easily prepared just by putting up pillow or soft cloth fabric inside and rolling and stitching.

After getting the types of bed if you want to know how to make the bed on your own with certain materials used can be clarified by following 

Procedures for making your own dog bed:

 Using Fabric Cloth –

The fabric which is easy to clean up or washable in machines.

-Cotton, terry cloth items are some good choices to be opted for.

-After that select, the inner coverage (what things to be out inside to make it fluffy).you can use polyester, clothes of cotton fabrics, pillows mats, carpets of soft linen etc.

-In case you are taking any clothes, or any fabric and just inserting pillow in it that is very easy but if you go for stitching way or sewing it then on the rectangular sides of the cloth place some layers of clothes, fabrics, ribbons others etc and sew them properly.

How to make a dog bed at home

-If you are using plain or single cloth for the layer you can also make designs at edges or corners with scissors to make it more decorative

Using a pillow as Bed –

-If you want to make the bed from the pillow or cushion then, first of all, bring in two or three pillows for its use which should be ranging from 4 to 6 inches for the perfect bed.

-Sew up the all two or three cushions or pillows together to form one stuff and leave one side open.

– After that select the fabric suitably and as per your preference and fix the fabrics at the edges of the pillow.

-Now you can make up designs by cutting the fabric at each side. And edges should be of the same size means meeting up properly…

-Now stitch the whole sides of the pillow with fabric using needle before folding it.

-Now insert the stitched pillow into open area and sew it properly.

There are various other ways to 9make up bed you can take up any

Video Tutorials –


Making of dogs’ bed is an easy and refreshing task. You can take up anything, any material, any furniture into use as for bed making. So moulding, restructuring surface anything can be done for this work. If you don’t want to make up you can easily purchase it from the market. But making a bed for your dog is no more considered a difficult issue. You can use up and evolve anything around you for perfect and comfortable bed making.

How to make a dog bed

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