6 Tips on How to Introduce a visiting Dog to your Dog?

Introducing your dog to a visiting dog can be a little tricky. Not all dogs are fond of dogs. They can get very jealous of the dog that is coming. They can even start the get possessive about you if you show too much affection towards the new dog.

The trick is to keep your dog calm throughout the new dog’s visit and maybe play with them a little. It is important that you know if your dog is social with other dogs, especially of different breeds. Some dogs are good with dogs of the same breed but can be a little fussy for other breeds.

Dog Breeds That L.O.V.E To Be Around With Other Breeds:

  • Golden Retrievers –

Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retrievers are big-time suckers for attention. They are the biggest attention seekers of all time and not just from their humans, but from other dogs too. They love playing around with anyone and everyone they can find even if the other person or dog, don’t want to!

  • Labrador Retriever –

Labrador Retriever

The Labrador Retriever is very common breeds amongst US dog owners. Their love for playing around people and other dogs is unmatched!

They love being around anyone who wants to play with them and will make sure someone or the other is always engaged with them. Due to their dire need for attention, they are prone to separation anxiety.

  • Poodle –


Poodle dogs may look fancy and very high maintenance but they love attention. They always want to play around with everyone and gel really well with other dogs too.

  • Pug –


Pugs are mostly loved because of their small size and wrinkly face. But they are much more than that. These furballs are a huge bundle of joy and will play around all the time with every animal they can get attention from.

  • Boston Terrier

Boston Terrier

They are also called “America’s Gentleman” and they definitely are. They are always full of life and energy. They are the easiest to introduce to new dogs.

  • Beagle –


Beagles were originally trained to hunt rabbits and other small vermin. Since they were always in packs, they are used to living and playing around dogs with all breeds. Thus, they made it to our list!

  • Cavalier King Charles Spaniel –

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel live by their name. They are the kings of cuddling with all humans and animals. They love playing around and they will absolutely love to gel around with other dogs.

  • French Bulldog –

French bulldogs are the smallest of the bulldog breeds. They make the best companion if you want to go to someone’s place and they have other dogs. French bulldogs will gel with them super quick and will play around the place.

  • Samoyed –


Samoyed dogs were used in the past for carting and herding which makes them used to play around all dogs. They will be perfect if you are looking to have a companion to take around with other dog humans.

Tips To Introduce Your Dog To A Visiting Dog:

Even if your dog is super friendly, there are some tips that you can use to introduce them to a new dog. You shouldn’t expect an instant connection between the two dogs but these tricks will help your dog to ease into the presence of a new dog.

  • Exercise –

Whenever you want to be on their best behaviour, make them exercise. If you know your dog doesn’t go well with other dogs, its best you drain out their energy a bit, so they will be tired during the meet. You can go for a long walk or use command tricks to drain their energy.

  • Hide Toys –

Even if your dog is not much possessive, its best to hide their toys when there are a few dogs coming. Things that your dog absolutely love, keep them out of reach. This will avoid any unnecessary fights.

  • Go Out For A Little Walk With All The Dogs In The House –

It’s good when dogs meet on neutral territory. It’s better you take the dogs out for a walk so they all can settle down and get time to gel with each other.

  • Let Them Talk Around

If the walk has gone well and all dogs are gelling together, then its time to let them interact a bit with each other. Take a break, let them sniff around each other while holding their leash. Once they get comfortable, you can let them be around in the house.

  • Encourage Calm Behavior –

Once you are in the house, encourage them to be calm. You might have to keep them in leash for some time but thats okay. Try to keep your dog on their bed and play around there. You can also ask your friend to bring their dog’s bed.

  • Check your dog’s personality and energy –

If one the dog is tired and is not interested in playing and the other cannot stop to play, you might have to intervene. You shouldn’t punish either of them for their behaviours, but you can give them a break from each other. You can keep them separate for a while.

Once the dogs are comfortable around each other, they will not have issues in future. It’s always the first time that you have to intervene.

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