How to help a fearful dog gain confidence: 100% working

Dogs get fearful due to many reasons and if these reasons are not spotted and removed by you then your dog’s health and lifestyle can be affected in a negative way. It could become permanent if ignored for long.

But you can protect your dog from all this by understanding why it happens and how to remove nervousness and fear.

We’ve simplified that for you by collecting all the info on the basis of test results on the dogs in our farm. It includes reasons and remedies mainly.

Reasons for such behavior:

  • New member –

The prominent reason of being him fearful or not behaving in
normal way is due to his new coming into your family, house.
As he is new to surroundings, area so e is fearful because he is
unknown to you. So this can be reason oh his low self
confidence or behaving annoyingly.

  • Worst Happenings with them –

In many cases of street dogs they had to undergo very harsh
conditions like rudeness, cruelty, accidents, injuries etc. So in
meeting new people they become very scared as they have faced
many negative conditions so which can be counted as one reason
of fear.

  • Shy Nature –

It is inborn tendency or behavior of someone to be shy or
introvert .same case applies to dogs some type or breeds of dog
have shy nature inbuilt. They behave in introvert way or not
getting mixed up easily with members or fellow dogs so it can
also be assumed as one reason.

  • Laziness or Yawing Frequently –

If your dog is showing any kind of lazy behavior or is often
yawning or too much then also it can be considered as its reason
of low confidence he might feel himself not active as per fellow
ones. Hence loosing confidence.

  • Anxious Behavior –

If your dog is behaving in a anxious mode or he is restraining
touch to his kin or any how barking t your or any other dog
instantly or for no reason then it is needed to considered that
your dog is going through this issue.

Some Measures to Gain Confidence –

  • Proper Training schedule –

If you own a new dog or brings in new breed in your house or
any premises then it is your vital duty to train him well to
behave in a friendly way. If he is street dog he might be rude or
barking frequently on everyone so train him to get know to
surroundings and people too. Also train him for activities to be
performed by him so such training sessions will help him to
combat his new area fear.

  • leave him with his fear –

Sometimes dog gets fearful from any toy, things or any material
or could be from their fellow beings. So let him stay for certain
time with his fear or put him near to it so ;let him get out of his
fear own by spending and getting known about the thing that it
is not actually fearful but at a low intensity it should be done ,if
higher fear esteem then avoid it.

  • Be Polite –

The most important measure to control anxious behavior of dog
can be done through your polite gesture and calm motions. As to
calm down any frightened person being calm at your pace is
needed must. So being polite with your dog will let him get over
his fear easily as he will become comfortable with you.

  • Spend some Quality Time –

Meeting up with things solves many problems one such can also
be done in this case. Spending some quality time with your dog
will also relaxes his mind and boosts up his confidence hence
provides scope for better performance of him. Try to involve
him in activities and play some games with him to rejuvenate

  • Meeting up in Proper Form –

If your dog is new then please don’t directly see in his eyes or
make a direct contact at first meeting, don’t push him, maintain
certain distance from him certain time to get him comfortable
with you, don’t touch his head or tap his head much as it is not
liked by many breeds so such things will help to overcome
consciousness builds up confidence slowly and slowly.


So it can be foreseen that dogs too posses the fearful behavior
which can be shown through any ways like becoming anxious,
restrains company or being in lonely. So always consider these
hints into your extreme knowledge so that proper care and
remedies can be taken at proper span of time to build up and
boost his confidence heights and make him a friendly and
normal dog soon

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