How to Get Dog Hair out of car: Quick Solution

Having pets is like having kids, feels amazing, but loads of work. Having that chubby labrador, or that cute little pug, has its own share of cleaning up after that entails. Dogs are believed to be the most loyal, loving creatures on this planet. Explains why they are the most loved pets, eh? (Cat lovers, don’t come at me, don’t mean to start a war!) If you own a dog, I’m pretty sure you have had your fair share of cleaning up after your dog. Cleaning up after their dog, like it’s defecated waste, is pretty common for dog owners. But there’s one thing that dog owners who like going out on car drives with their doggos are flustered about. Dog hair all over their car. Here are some quick tips to help remedy that problem.

  • Vacuum cleaning –

vacuum cleaner

This seems to be the most obvious way to get all the dog hair out, as vacuuming is a good old way to remove dirt from any place. A portable vacuum cleaner can get the vast majority of hair, leaving a little bit of hair behind, which can be removed by using any of the other methods mentioned below. I suggest a vacuum first, then, following other methods to remove those other pesky last strands of hair.

  • Balloon it away –

Balloon it away

Who’d have thought that the concept of static electricity that we learnt in highschool would actually help us in real life?! I certainly didn’t. But then, life loves to prove me wrong all the time. We’ve all rubbed our pens on our sweaters, or hair, and tried to move small bits of paper without touching them applying this cool concept. Very similar to this, blowing up a balloon and running it through the car carpet, charges up the balloon, creating this cool static electricity, making the pet hair stick to the balloon. This can be extremely effective in getting the last few strands of hair. Not to mention, this can be extremely fun for the kids to do as well. Who said delegation was such a bad idea?

  • Pet hair removers –

Pet hair removers

This one is a solution only if the pet hair accumulates a bit too often, as it’s a cost ineffective way to remove pet hair off your car. Run to your nearest pet accessories store, and get this pet hair removing apparatus, and follow the instructions given on the pack. Voila! There goes away the dog hair. This method is for those who don’t mind spending some bucks, but want an easy way to remove hair off their cars. This uses the same concept of static electricity like a balloon does (the previous solution), but the tool used in this is just a more rigid, permanent, easy-to-handle balloon material.

  • Duct tape –

Genius! Hair sticks to the duct tape and then you just throw the used tape away. A bit too much work though. If you have those tricky last few strands that just won’t go away, go for this method. Be wary of the tape sticking too much, or applying too much force when removing, as it may cause damage to the carpet, or seat or wherever you’re using the tape on! Just like a bandaid, ripping it off quick, is the most effective way when you follow this method.

  • Pumice stones –

Pumice stones 

This is a cost effective and reliable choice. Especially to remove dog hair from flooring and car mats. Wipe the surface with the pumice stone in one direction in a back and forth motion. To rid the stone of the hair debris, spray a few drops of fabric softener solution on the used pumice stone or dip it into a bucket of water+softener, and once the hair is removed from the stone, use the stone again. The perfect solution to dip the stone in, to help release pet hair easily is, 7 parts of fabric softener with 1 part of water.

  • Watch this video to get a better idea.
  • Wire Brushes-

Wire Brushes

Using wire brushes to remove hair, is one of the simplest, easiest and cheapest methods. Brushes can reach all the unreachable nooks and corners of your car. Once you collect dog hair this way, you can just vacuum to throw all the hair away. This method is super effective because hair doesn’t stick to metal and it’s similar to sweeping.

  • Velcro –


Just like flies stick to fly traps, hair strands stick to velcro. We all might’ve, at some point or the other in our lives, gotten our hair stuck in velcro. Putting this to use, running velcro hair curlers through car seats can easily grab dog hair. And unlike duct tape (solution number 4), velcro doesn’t lose its adhesive properties and thus is reusable. One caveat to this solution though, is that, not all strands of hair can be removed this way. Especially not the small strands of hair.

  • Seat covers –

Seat Covers

Seat covers are an amazing invention which serve multiple purposes. They keep the seats always clean by keeping the dust from coming in contact with the seats. Changing seat covers every once in a while is one of the easiest and hassle-free methods to get rid of dog hair. The covers just collect all the hair and you can just change them. Easy peasy. Seat covers, especially the ones which are a bit pricey, add to the looks of the car, and increase the comfort, when driving. I personally wouldn’t recommend getting cheap seat covers though, because, the cheapest seat covers would most probably be made of plastic and aren’t environment-friendly.

 Prevention of Dog Hair:

Ofcourse. Prevention is better than cure, right? Preventing dog hair from entering your car altogether is the best of all the methods mentioned in this article (I know it’s like asking people to not use phones, is the best way to overcome phone addiction, but hey! It is, right?) Not letting dogs into your car or buying a portable dog kennel to carry your dog in, is one wonderful method of getting rid of dog hair. One other way to prevent dog hair from getting into the car is giving a good brush to your dog, before letting it inside the car. Now you need to buy the best suited brush for your dog which collects as much hair as possible. This collects all the loose strands of hair and thus your car is pet-hair-free.

Prevention of dog hair

Watch this video for this (also contains other similar ideas on how to remove dog hair).