How to Get a Dog to Eat: Simplest methods Revealed

If your dog is not eating even if its hungry then you should do something for it immediately. The reason could be as simple as choosy nature or a symptom of certain diseases.

However, this guide contains all info along with reasons and simple solutions that will work for your dog surely.

If you ignore this guide then your dog can become weak and you may have to rush to the VET.

Ask your mom how finicky you were about eating food when you were young and she would surely give you a nice insight into the most irritating and distressing experience she has ever had. Yes, we have all been too choosy about what we would like to eat. The “I’ll starve myself if do not get my favorite food” threat has made many parents bow down to their children for whatever they wish to eat.

Healthy eating has always been a concern. We all have become so engrossed into processed food that healthy eating has become too mundane to even talk about.

Quite relevant is the case with our pets. It becomes too stressful when your pets start denying food and avoid eating. Dogs have usually known to be fussy eaters. Denying food becomes a casual pastime for them as they start growing.

Well then, how to get your dog to eat?

A research shows that the most probable reason for your dog not eating is due to its picky nature over food or some serious health issue. It’s not always easy to comprehend a problem by just looking at the symptoms. Loss of appetite can be both natural as well as vexing to understand. So, before we give out a particular conclusion to why our little fellow isn’t eating, a discussion over the reasons is mandatory.

Reasons why your dog isn’t eating:

  • Picky pups –

Being finicky about eating is the most probable reason as to why your dog is refusing to eat. This habit develops from a younger age when we start opening every can in front of the pup to choose from and eat whatever it wishes to. This causes the dog to think that it will be served a much tastier meal if it keeps on refusing. Another reason for the same is that dog foods are more concerned with nutrition rather than taste. Thus, craving for a tastier food causes such food habits.

Choosy behavior is also seen in dogs whose owners had been experimenting with the right fit for their dog when they were young. So now, your smart dog coaxes you to open up its favorite food can and you are not even able to decipher its tricks.

This in turn also leads to a great risk of obesity and heart diseases.

  • Sharing isn’t always caring –

Feeding your dog anything that you have been eating is not always a good idea. Many a times, the foods that we have been eating are not suitable for our dog’ body. This causes an imbalance in their body leading to vomiting and diarrhea. This causes our dogs to refuse food and many a times fall sick. Thus, being devoid of the information of what to feed usually leads our dogs to suffer. Listing a few of those usually fed items would suffice for now but be fully prepared before you buy a dog.

1. Chocolate: yes, you read that right. Dark chocolates especially contain theobromine which is toxic to dogs and causes gastric disturbances among dogs. Further, an increased amount of chocolate causes our dogs to have tremors and seizures.

Thus, chocolates should be completely avoided. It’s better you keep the stock just for yourself.

2. Cheese: Cheese is also one of the items that sickens your dog and causes loss of appetite. It is very difficult for the dogs to digest processed cheese and fatty milk products. Most dogs are known to be lactose intolerant and lack the particular enzyme for its digestion.

Well, cheesy things usually land in problems at one point or the other.

3. Salty foods: salty food should be completely avoided in dogs as they cause sodium-ion poisoning in them. This leads to excessive urination and feeling thirsty all the time. Thus, Dogs feel dehydrated.

  • Some Illness –

Loss of appetite is the most visible port which we can inspect something serious with our dogs.  Thus, it could be something as small as an infection to something as deadly as cancer. Also, dental issues can also be the reason for your dog avoiding food.

  • The Surrounding AURA –

Dogs are much affected by the place that they are being offered the food at. Dogs usually like eating in open spaces than closed doors. Dogs avoid eating in places where they are uncomfortable. This is also observed in dogs when we take them to unfamiliar places while traveling. Thus, a comfortable surrounding with an approachable food bowl is a must. Thus, an immediate appointment with the vet is suggested in this case.

These are the reasons for which your dog might be avoiding food.

Now, talking about what to do next?

Before we jump directly to the solutions, there is one thing that needs to be properly cleared.

To avoid this, the better solution is mixing of meals

Mix 90% of dog food with 10% table food and see the difference. Dogs like getting a new treat. Mixing a little bit of cooked egg or boneless chicken can also add to the taste as well as the nutritional benefits.


These solutions draw a straight relevance from the causes.

  • For choosy eaters –

Try taking out your dog for a walk before you serve it a meal. Exercise increases the tendency to consume any meals offered. Along with this, try changing the brand of dog food that you were giving to your dog.

Mix a little amount of cat food in it to make it a little different. With this, look for specific foods for older dogs so that it is for digestion.

  • The Sick Supper –

In case of an illness, consult your veterinarian immediately. Some appetite stimulants can also be given to your dog.

Along with this, incase our little fellow falls sick, it needs a little bit more care. Try feeding tubes or syringe feeding. This requires a lot more compassion but there is no doubt you love your dog less. So, feeding compassionately should not be a question of doubt.

  • A Healthy Environment –

Give your dog a comfortable environment to eat. Dogs like to eat at a place where they can roam freely after they have had their meal. Thus, open spaces are the most preferable. Adjust the bowl size according to the breed of the dog.

Along with this, follow a particular meal routine for your dog.

Another important aspect that has not been discussed is loss of appetite in case of vaccinations. This is most prevalent in pups but there is nothing to worry about. It’s just their body adjusting to the new antibodies. But, in case this persists, visit a vet soon.

Thus, ending on the note

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Thus, we conclude that food is the most basic and crucial necessity. Without a healthy and nutritious diet, none on this planet would be able to survive. Feed your dogs in the best avoiding any diseases.

Stay healthy, eat healthy and serve healthy!