Who else wants to know How to assert Dominance over a Dog?

Dominance plays a key role in disciplining your dog. Dominance is utmost necessary in situations especially when your dog is behaving in anonymous way. It plays an exclusive role in areas of training if you have good control over your dog you can train him well with certain strict guidelines too. It proves your bossy nature and present out a good leader in you. Dominance will help to consider you boss by your dog. Hence he will obey your rules and commands and ultimately inbuilt in him certain good habits too for dealing with fellow ones, people around him and your belongings. But however not negative dominance style or too bossy nature is good as it will make him reluctant to obey you and he will start doing weird things as a gesture of his frustration.

Few months back I had encountered one incident where my friend Jane dog was doing certain annoying things like avoiding training sessions, unnecessary barking on random people and jumping off on each family members. The reason of such activities was lenient behavior of Jane with him as he was very carefree in his training sessions which let him to avoid his commands and do such kind of activities which are not good. Thus it proved dominance is an important aspect in dog training and development.

Few ways to prove Dominance over your Dog in a Right Way – 

  • Continuous Positive Counseling –

This is a way of counseling or correcting the dog’s behavior and his bad versions in positive way of clearing out. This way of dominance let your dog to listen you in affectionate manner.  As he will not disobey you. Sometimes he commits mistakes of regular characters in same training sessions don’t get hyper on him for this. If you scold or correct him by punishment he will surely loose affection and will start retaliating to your words. So avoid this and correct his mistakes and make him get known about it in a correct way that is positive counseling.

  • Be strict up to some extent

in certain situations being polite and calm does not work. To bring dominance in rule, sometimes you have to undergo strictly.  Especially in initial ages of dog you need to be strict also in case of new member to your home in such situations being strict or boss is needed to make up and brought in him good gestures.  For example if your dog is just small he needs to be trained how to behave with members, avoid jumping on random people, scratching or torn the things etc. If you wish to avoid his activities then do consider bossy behavior for dominating him. It will prove beneficial in long term.

  • Avoid Bossy Ego

sometimes it has been noted that most of the trainers take up dominance count in egoism. In several situations to showoff, or present their dominance over dog to others they become too bossy and many times hurt their dogs in correcting them. Also in case when due to their rude behavior their dog starts ignoring their words they become frustrated or angry as their being boss or showing of as a boss to him is not fulfilled they show up their anger on dog by cruel gestures which make up things worst in later days.   For example your colleagues came at your home and you want to show up the obedience of your dog towards your words but unfortunately your dog doesn’t obey your commands or avoid them due to fear, any pain or etc to this context you felt insult and starts beating your dog is totally wrong and negative obsession of dominance on you towards your dog and will harm you. Thus avoid egoism of being bossy it is a matter of dominance of dogs for their better uplifting not for showing off your high esteem or anything to people.

  • Avoid his extra friendly Emotions –

In certain situations being nice and humble in dealing with your dog you sometimes instinct the more friendly gestures in him. With passage of time your dog gets attached to you hence starts showing friendly affections like licking you , jumping off on you suddenly,  sitting on your lap during your meal time , not letting you finish your food, dragging you towards him always etc are certain activities that are to be avoided or are to be corrected for sure.  As doing such kind of things will inhibit more naughty thoughts and he will start more weird things like scratching, destroying, biting etc on your not correcting him timely. Thus such type of activities should not be neglected and must be corrected in right way and at that time only. This will let your dog to get signal not to repeat or will restrict from such behavior as he will get to know that you are disturbed and not liking such things.

  • Assign him certain tasks

To prove your dominance role over dog the things must be encountered as being fulfilled by your dog. It means you need to assign tasks to your dog to test your dominance over him that whether he is looking forward to your order or not. Thus give him tasks like instructing him to avoid scratching over floor, sitting in his house for certain interval of time etc if he behaves or obeys your instructions properly then you have achieved your target of dominating him if he doesn’t obey or not completely following your order then he needs to be corrected and to be counseled in generous ways to get him about it completely and to rule your fully dominance over him.

  • Experimenting Dominance

If you wish to test your dominance level in simple ways with your dog then it can be easily dealt with meal intake activities.  For example it is widely seen that leader or head is served with food first afterwards rest members similar case of boss nature is with your dogs you can predict your dominance effect just by his way of showing you your position i:e not eating his food until you complete yours or either he starts up eating as soon as he smells or see his meal plate or box this gesture of him will surely let you know that you have obtained dominance in positive terms on him or not.

  • Don’t Carve for his Attention

You should not assert for his attention to get known of your dominance level towards him. Your bossy nature is revealed not by seeking his attention but by getting it actually on his own.  If your dog is friendly enough he will surely give you much attention but if he is somewhat unfriendly so he will not jump off on you, will not admire you every time , or show off his excess fondness for you. In this case dominance will overrule if he gives you sufficient attention but if he doesn’t then it proves lacking in your bossy character towards him hence need to be still trained for dominance goals.

  • Set limits of Areas

Not every time humble and calmness work to bring dominance sometimes strictness also needed at certain aspects. So in case of certain activities restrict him or set limits for him to guide him and to improve his way of doing things as per your goals and teach him in manner to achieve your goal of becoming boss. For example restricting him to enter your room  in this case if he doesn’t enter until you assure him then you have achieved your goal if he still enters he needs to be trained of such restrictions and to inbuilt behavior of obeying rules thus do such activities of restraining and putting up limits for him . This will make him habit to look after your words sincerely.

  • Be Patient

dominance goal can’t be achieved just in single take it is governed with passage of time.  So your patience and calmness is of utmost importance. As if you instruct or train a street dog then it will take much time to get things by him so you need to be cool and calm while dealing with because your anger or frustration may result in worst case. Thus your patience is required to attain dominance over your dog.

Here are certain video tutorials for your assertion of dominance towards your dog

Conclusion –

Overall it can be ascertained that dominance is a ruling behavior of your dog in relation to your dog’s activities to be done in disciplined manner. Thus attaining dominance is vital but it should be in positive terms not in scolding or beating ways just to relax your bossy ego which might proves harmful later on.  Thus asserting dominance over dog or becoming is boss not an easy task but is essential to avoid him to do any weird things or to harm you and your dear ones in any case. Dominance can also be achieved with letters of affection as love and calm way teaches in effective ways as compared to rude behavior and cruelties.

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