How long after Frontline can I bath my Dog: 6 Minute Read?

Dogs love to run around the garden and the park. If you own a pet dog, you know how happy they become when you take them out of the home. They run through the bushes and shrubs and explore the outside world with utmost curiosity. But like all the fun in life, jumping around the bushes also comes with its problems. Dogs tend to attract fleas and ticks that stick to their fur and start troubling them.

Frontline Plus is an effective topical medicine for dogs and cats that kills fleas and ticks and prevent them from sticking again. Since it’s a topical medication, you need to apply it over the dog’s fur and tail. Unlike oral medications, topical medicines take some time to absorb inside the dog’s skin and start working. So you can’t wash your dog right after applying Frontline as it washes off and renders the medicine ineffective.

How does Frontline work?

Frontline is made up of two active ingredients: Fipronil and (S)-methoprene. Fipronil moves from the fur to the hair follicles of the dog where it gets attached to the oil glands. When fleas or ticks get in touch with fipronil, they get hyperstimulated.

They start moving around the skin of the dog and die a slow death. Fleas multiply fast as they give hundreds of eggs in a concise time. The other ingredient, (S)-methoprene, kills those eggs, thus preventing the fleas from multiplying.

Wash your dog only after 48 hours

Dogs are volatile and fun-loving animals. Soon after applying Frontline, your dog might jump into a pool of mud and get dirty. You might be worried whether you can wash your dog an hour after using Frontline.

As it takes some time for Frontline to start absorbing into the skin of your dog, Frontline manufacturers advise you to not expose your dog to water for at least 48 hours after applying the medication. Frontline though does work for up to 30 days after application. So you don’t need to worry about losing its effects if you bath your dog after 48 hours.

Precautions to take when applying Frontline

Frontline is a rather expensive medication so you would not want to waste it sooner than the duration it actually lasts. As Frontline sticks to the oil glands of the dog, you shouldn’t use a flea wash or human shampoos. These shampoos strip off oil from your dog’s skin and decrease the effectivity of the medicine. Try to use soap-free dog shampoos that clean the dust and dirt while keeping the oil intact.

You should try to prevent your dog from getting dirty too often as it wouldn’t be wise to wash him again and again after applying Frontline. Only wash your dog when he’s filthy. You can instead use a wet towel to clean up the fur at times.

Can you put flea medicine on your dog after a bath

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While Frontline works for 30 days on the regular season, the same cannot be said about the tick season. When the ticks are in abundance, it’s recommended to apply Frontline once, every three weeks for best effects. The frequency of applying medication also depends on how long your dog stays out in the Tick season.

How long does it take for Frontline to start working?

According to a study, Frontline starts killing fleas after 4 hours of applying in good measure over the dog’s skin. Try to apply the medicine on dog’s fur in such a way that it reaches the beneath on the skin and covers the whole surface area including the tail. It takes a bit longer to start killing ticks, eggs, larvae and chewing lice.

  • Effect on fleas

Frontline starts working in a quick time of about 4 hours on fleas. According to a study conducted by the International Journal of Applied Research, Frontline killed all the fleas in about 12 hours from application.

  • Effect on Ticks

It is recommended to not bathe your dog up to 48 hours from the time of application because it takes significantly longer for Frontline to start killing Ticks. To kill ticks properly, Frontline should get attached to all the hair follicles and absorb into the oil glands. This process is called Translocation, and it takes around 48 hours for this process to finish.

Can you put flea medicine on your dog after a bath?

While you just bought Frontline or some other flea medication for your dog, he might be running around mud or playing in rains. Since you know that you can’t bath your dog after medication, it’s wise to wash your dog before it. But there are a few integral factors to keep in mind before bathing him.

You should only apply Frontline when your dog is completely dry. Now drying doesn’t mean that you would simply clean him with a towel and dry him in the sun. It should not retain moisture over the skin. For it to happen, wait for a complete day or at least 12 hours after bathing him. The best way to do it is to bath the dog in the day and apply Frontline at night. You can also wait for a complete day if the dog is not excessively itching.

Don’t use a flea wash or regular shampoo for bathing before applying Frontline as these shampoos strip off oil from his skin. Use a dog shampoo or a soap-free shampoo and apply Frontline once he’s completely dry.