Why does my Dog Sleep under the Bed? Is he Frightened?

why does my dog sleep under the bed

“Hey! Where are you?! I’ve been looking for you for god knows how long! Ah! There you are!” This is one of the most common things a dog owner tells his/her dog. And the dogs are usually found under their beds most of the time just before this whole scenario takes place. Why do dogs … Read more

5 Reasons Why does my Dog Hide under the Bed?

Why does my dog hide under the bed

On Sunday morning when I wake up from my afternoon nap I saw my bed was shaking earlier I thought it might be an earthquake but I was little surprised to see my dog hiding over there. And the same thing I noticed again and again in the following weeks which put questions in my … Read more

Simple steps on How to Pill an Uncooperative Dog?

How to Pill an Uncooperative Dog

Pill, medicine, pharmaceutical dose named differently but whenever we talk about it sounds bitter. Every sick individual hates it and pretends to avoid it to the extreme. The same thing is notified in dogs. Sometimes when your dog catches certain infections or chronic diseases they need to be given pills just as like human tendency … Read more

Why does my Dog Pee in her Sleep? How to stop him?


Innocense and adorableness visualize in domestic animals more likely in the dogs. They understand the commands of the humans and proceeding the actions for the same. Predominately,  canines are so smart and responsive to judge the situations and circumstances where they are present or dwelling. Some of the unusual ailments are associated with the puppies … Read more

Why doesn’t my Dog Bark? Is he Sick?

Is Furosemide dangerous for dogs

Have you ever noticed that your dog doesn’t bark as compared to your neighbor’s pet? For some dog’s boss, having a dog that doesn’t bark can be a dream may come true. But, for many other reasons, it may be a cause of concern. Different reasons why dogs bark? With the aim of keeping away … Read more