Can dogs eat Cherries

There are many fruits that are safe when given in moderation to our dog friends. Most dogs like fruits and they tend to eat sweet fruits more like mangos, strawberries and others. Cherries however can pose a threat to your dog if not given carefully.  

Dogs are unable to digest the pits / stems or leaves of the cherries and it can cause health violations in them. If you have been unaware then you should acknowledge that cherry leaves, cherry stems and cherry pits have cyanides, cyanide is very poisonous and in some cases it can be life threatening. 

First of all you should not give too much of anything to your dog because unlike our hard body systems, dogs have way less tolerance. Dogs may eat cherry if you remove all the above mentioned poisonous parts of cherries and give it to them in small quantities. 

Can dogs have cherries? 

Yes, cherries are no threat to a dog but the dangerous part of cherries should be avoided if you want to keep your dog’s health in good shape. The pits of the cherries are even more dangerous because it can get blocked in the intestines of dogs which can cause intestinal blockage. If you want to give cherries to your sweet dog friend then you might consider taking the flesh of the cherries and only the flesh should be given. 

Cherries also contain many vitamins such as vitamin A and C, other than vitamins antioxidants and fiber which are quite beneficial for the dog’s health. Suppose you are giving cherry to them and suddenly some of the cherry pits or stems fell off your hand and your dog ate it before you could stop him or her. In this type of situation one or two small pits do not make such a difference but if ingested in large amounts it can create serious health issues. 

Are Cherries Safe For Dogs? 

In general dogs can eat cherry skins but the pits and stems or even leaves should be taken far away from them. Cherry pits are not small when they go down in a dog’s stomach in large quantities, pits can create a blockage in the intestines of our four legged friends. So when you are going to give your dogs cherries remember to wash them properly, cut out the lethal parts of the cherries and then scrape the skin off them to feed your dogs. You should not give more than 2 cherry skins to your dogs ever and you can not add this fruit to your dog’s regular diet. You also can not give your dog any processed cherries or any seasoned ones because those properties can be toxic to dogs. 

Can dogs have cherries

Why Are Cherries Bad For Dogs? 

In a way yes, cherries contain more bad qualitative than good ones. It does more harm than good which is why you can not give your dog cherries often. Cherries are bad because it consists of cyanide in its leaves, stems and pits. Cyanide is a deadly chemical potentially lethal to our dog friends. Other than that if you think cherries contain high nutritional value then i am afraid to say that is not the case at all. Cherries have very little vitamins in them and only contain fiber and antioxidants. You can only get them if you consume in large quantities but large quantities are very risky for dogs. You may give little bits of cherry flesh if you absolutely desire to. If you have doubts you are always welcomed to ask your vet if you can give your dog some cherries given the health risks and conditions. 

Can dogs eat Cherries safely 

No, your dog does not have a way to eat the cherries safely themselves because like most of the food they do not chew cherries well enough, they try to swallow after a little bit of chewing which is why when you give your dog cherries without removing their pits, it will cause intestinal blockage. Your dog will show signs of uncomfortableness. It may try to vomit or get it out from its body in some way but if he or she fails to do so then you might need to take your dog to the vet and might have to get a surgery for your dog. Moreover, you can not give your dog any kind of processed cherries. Processed cherries contain additives like salt or sugar or oil which is extremely harmful for dogs. 

What Should You Do If Your Dog Eats Cherries? 

Sometimes, dogs like to taste what their human friend is tasting mostly because they want to get a taste of that food or they are just curious why their human friend is enjoying a food so much, it can also be that your dog just wants to do the same activity as you do. Anyway, you can not give your dog a large amount of cherries. If your dog has no health issues then you might peel off the flesh of one cherry and then feed it to your dog. But if somehow your dog has gotten its hand on multiple cherries and has sent them in his or her stomach then it might cause a problem. The first thing you can do is to call your vet for advice. Then do according to your vet’s advice. The second best thing is to look out for any cyanide poisoning, the symptoms are — breathing problems, gums becoming red, the pupils getting dilated etc. 

Can Dogs eat Fresh Cherries

Can Dogs eat Fresh Cherries 

Fresh cherry flesh is not harmful to dogs. But it does not mean that your dog can eat fresh cherry pits and stems because they are equally as harmful as a store bought one. However, fresh cherries are obviously without any seasonings like salt or sugar or artificial sweetener etc. cherries do contain vitamin A and vitamin C, fiber and antioxidants which are good but will not matter once you hear the bad sides of them. Cherries contain cyanides which will be lethal to your dogs because cyanide is a very dangerous and life threatening chemical. Intestinal obstruction is also another possibility that can happen if your dog eats multiple cherry pits. 

Can Dogs eat Cherries without Pits 

Dogs are our loyal friends and stay with us for their whole life, playing with us, keeping us company. Dogs are even considered as supporting animals to many blind people. Dogs are quite intelligent and become very dear to us. Anything that can harm them, we tend to keep them far away from it. 

There are many fruits and foods that are not suitable for dogs even when it is perfectly okay for a human to consume. One of those fruits is cherry. Cherry may seem okay to give to your dog but there are parts of cherries that should be avoided at all costs. Your dogs can not consume the pits, stems and leaves of cherries because of the toxic property that exists in there that is cyanide. 

Without them just the cherry flesh will be alright if a dog eats them. However, the cherry should be washed properly and should not have any additives in them. 

Can Dogs eat Cherries without Pits

Can Dogs eat Cherries without Seeds 

Yes, but the cherry should be clean and preferably fresh. However, you will need to remove the leaves and stems and also the pits. If you clear all these dangerous parts from a cherry then it is good to give to your dog.

However, that does not mean that you can give your dog cherry everyday. Your dog’s diet should not have cherries because it has parts that have cyanide in them. If your dog has accidentally eaten a whole cherry then you should not panic as one will not harm them as much as multiples will do. 

So it is better to keep cherries away from your dog. You did not give any cherries at all to your dog; it is also okay. You can give alternative fruits that are actually okay to give to your dog and do not have risky chemicals in them. 

Can Dogs eat Dried Cherries 

The answer is maybe because dried cherries do have a bit of health benefit but they can also cause stomach issues like pain in the tummy and digestive problems. Dried cherries contain vitamin A, fiber, vitamin C and antioxidants so it has some nutritional value but not so much that you have to have it in your dog’s diet. There are many other fruits or dog foods that have way more nutrition and less health risks than cherries. Your dog should have a balanced diet and having cherries in them is not a good idea because too much cherries can cause other health problems. If you absolutely insist on giving cherries to your dog then you need to give only the cherry flesh and nothing else but that also in very small quantities. 

Can Dogs eat Black Cherries 

No matter what kind of cherry it is, you should not give cherries to your dogs. The flesh only can be okay for your dogs to consume but the other parts of the cherries are poisonous as they have cyanides in their leaves, stems and pits. 

Black cherries are not much different than normal red cherries. Black cherries have vitamins, minerals and fiber in them which is very good for humans but for dogs, not so much. The cyanides are still present in the black cherry’s leaves, stems and pits. This is mainly the reason why you can not give your dog any kind of cherries. 

Can Dogs eat Bing Cherries 

Again, I suggest you read the whole article to understand that no matter the cherry type, all of them can be harmful to your dog. Cherries contain a very harmful chemical known as cyanide. It can be found in the stems of the cherry, the pits of the cherry and in the leaves of the cherry.

You may give only the flesh of any cherry but the cherry should not be a processed one. You also have to take notice if it has been added additives or not because dogs can not handle seasonings. You need to wash the cherry very nicely to remove any kind of dirt. Then, peel of the flesh and give it to your dog. Be careful not to give too much of it. 

Can Dogs eat Maraschino Cherries

Maraschino cherries are the cherries that have their pits removed so you might think that as their pits have been removed they would be safe for your dogs to eat but the answer is no you can not give your dog maraschino cherries. Though they have their pits removed, they contain a lot of sugar. Sugar harms your dog and creates many health issues.

Can Dogs eat Maraschino Cherries